Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Two more ideas

By the way, I still have more ideas. I'm so into 50's now ^_^ I still need an outfit with stripes and the outfits for the guys, but I thought we'll simply take some dark slacks, vests maybe, polos in pink (pink rage :D) and shirts. And of course: hats! Same goes for women-accessories: scarf worn as head-scarves á la BB. And of course light gloves (we play in July, so it's gonna be hot enough).
Here are two more drafts I made:
sorry for the bad scan, it was early in the morning :D
pleated skirt <3
Too bad we don't have much money to spend for costumes, so I'll have to watch out for cheap fabric or things I can alter simply. Our teacher already warned me to think of that little problem :D

No photos of myself, though I want to show you my coats. The weather here is too bad to take photos outside - it's raining - and my flat's like a mess. Hope tomorrow the weather will be better! Though I'll don't have time tomorrow, because we're gonna have another guest performance. Will be late again. And I'm so f... tired -.-'


  1. ich will deine mäntel sehen, kannst ja die wohnung aufräumen :P
    das erste outfit ist so toll, das könnte man auch heute locker anziehen.

  2. p.s. ich habe mit bleistift skizziert, mit wasserfestem fineliner nachgezeichnet und aquarell koloriert. das papier war sowieso schon so gelblich ^^

  3. Deine entwürfe sehen echt toll aus! Das erste gefällt mir besonders gut! Und hey du bis ja auch bei chictopia :)


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