Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Night & Day, Day & Night

(music and video: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - Night and Day)

I'm back home ~ and I've got so much to do and so many people to meet that I didn't even have the time to turn on my laptop before yesterday. And today I'm already occupied with packing my stuff, 'cause we're driving to Kaprun, Austria, tonight. Skiing. I'm already sure I won't go on skiing holidays with my parents anymore. Though I wouldn't have the money for something like this. It's just too much stress and too much time I'd rather spend with some other people too. Especially New Year's Eve. This time is the last with my family. Not only with my parents but also with my aunt, uncle and younger cousin. Bad part of everything: I don't even have a new dress! Horrible. I didn't even had the time to sew something totally new. And I didn't wanna celebrate New Year in black again. At least, I need red underwear. Do you know this - I guess it's a Spanish one - tradition? Red underwear on NYE brings luck. Hope so. Last year it was a success, because this year has been amazing. Especially the past few months. And everything in general. I've been through so much, but still... A few years ago I was afraid I wouldn't survive my final exams in school because of my stupid fear of exams in general. Well - I survived. In fact, it didn't matter much to me.
Change of topic. I've got a new hair colour ^_^ Too bad that the light today was truly awful, I look like there's a blue filter, but no, that's natural light, I just brightened it. It's a natural dark-brown/black thing (my natural c.) and a kind of burgundy colour. But I'm sure it will brighten up after a few weeks. It's always that way with me dying my hair. Even at the saloon, like this time.
And also a little outfit post. There was a girl staring at me the worst way when I walked down the town. Like I was her worst fashion-enemy or something like that. Though she had more a kind of... barbie-doll style. But done well. However.

Merry Christmas, I'm off packing my stuff.

P.S.: I want a dress like Ginger's. In a pale blueish green.

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Back then.

(music: Pure Reason Revolution - Open Insurrection)

It's always funny - and sometimes you want to run out of your room and bury in shame - to take a look at some old pictures while cleaning up your hard drive. I've just found some old stupid pictures with dark hair. For all the newer readers of my blog: Yes, that's my natural hair colour.
Take a look and laugh, these are a few years old:

The first photo-session (lol for that term) is sooooo stupid. I was reading too much Anne Rice back then. For sure. Yep, I guess that was my Anne Rice phase. Damn it. But somehow I like it. Still. And the mini-fringe doesn't even look that bad. Hm. But most people say I look better with ginger hair. And I like the way I look right now. I guess I'll keep the sidecut. On the other hand I need something new again. Maybe a bolder red? Dark red? Colourful highlights? I don't know. I'm open for any ideas :D But somehow I want black/dark brown hair again. No need to dye my hair again. I seem to get lazy. Oh and by the way, I'm already excited, tomorrow I'm driving back home. I'm missing my parents somehow. Honestly. And on first place my bf. Yes, you could interpret the two letters in both ways. All in one. I wanna be home. Right now. Beam me up!

P.S.: I don't know where this hat in the pictures from above is. Must be my mom's (I'm often "lending" my mom's hats. She doesn't wear them anyway because she thinks they don't look good on her.), and I've GOTTA find it. Sorry for capslock. Anyway: Back to the Snow White look or staying a Ginger Head? Or do you have any new idea? Bright pink is out of question, but I want to try anything except that, even pale blue (though it wouldn't be the nicest thing for my destructed and bleached hair).

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Abandon your roommates

(music: From Autumn To Ashes - Abandon Your Friends)

Hello there!
Just a stupid little intermission outfit post until I've got my list ready. It's another one of these "my favourite..."-lists, but this time it's huge and I don't wanna split it. Prepare yourself for a long long post...
Until that, keep happy with crappy outfit posts. Like this one. It's getting dark so early right now that I can't take pictures outside, and as the light is bad as fuck... Well, no excuses. This was a party outfit from Monday featuring my new hat and the long cardi from last post. I thought I keep it black and white as there's no colour in my outfit. All black. All simple. All laced. And close ups on the hat. It looks so 20s in my opinion... A little flapper-esque with my cropped hair. Though flappers didn't wear corsets. So I guess I'm more the vamp-type. Hm. I'm thinking in strange categories. Oh and I've got good news! Seems like I'm moving in February. Today I was taking a look at a 1,5-room flat in the same street as my university, the same house a friend lives in. He's also the one I can thank for having the opportunity to rent that flat, 'cause the hirer didn't place an ad anywhere. The flat has it's own kitchen and bath. Perfect. Because I can't live anymore sharing the bath with a guy that obviously doesn't know how to fucking get his hair out of the shower. Disgusting. Another reason I wanna move is that you've got no privacy in university housing. But it wasn't meant to be my "home" for the whole 5 years of studying. Tomorrow I'm gonna sign the lease. And I'll be re-leased. Sorry for the bad wordplay and my language in general, but I'm kind of pissed off and happy the same time.

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

Haul: Something I have

(music: NIN - Something I can never have //still// )

Not many words, but many pictures:

The sheer skirt I was sewing in one hour... or so.

Now the four long cardigans, each one 10€ because the shop closed :D - the black one

the nude one

detail of it.

same colour as some tights I've got - but in reality not as flashy as in this pic

the gray one

ruffles ^_^

the most beautiful hat... 50€ in a second hand shop

15€, also from that 2nd hand shop, it's still a little plain, so I'll add something to it

detail of the leather bow

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

Happy Birthday, Canon Girl!

As one of my dearest persons I know via Chictopia and blogging has birthday today, I needed to do a special post for her. So, there it is:

Happy Birthday, dear Canon Girl!

have an ass-kicking cake
but share it with your beloved
have a fashionable party and let 'em adore you ^_-
I wish you all the best for your 18th, please stay the way you are and make this day the most beautiful of the year.

Dead Sunday

(music: The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection) // so stupidly 80s... ^^

Another outfit post, but it's so funny that I got into the Chictopia Style Gallery with this outfit and the one of my last post. Freaky. Twice in a row. Excuse the poor quality of the photos, the lightning in the house is horrible at night and it was very late when I took them. The outfit looks like a long dress with a corset, but in fact it's a short dress (thanks Lotte [^_-]* how great I'm shorter than you are xD) with a long DIY sheer skirt I made that day. And then the corset. Layering. I haven't layered my outfit that heavily for years. Even if it doesn't look that layered. Well, you may remember a draft I've posted a few months ago? That's the outfit. More or less. I decided against attaching different sleeves to the original dress. It would have been a little to much. I've wanted to keep this clean and simple. The occasion was going to a club by the way. Some gothic club. But honestly... goths in a tiny town in Bavaria... Maybe it seems to me that way 'cause I'm still new here. Enough writing, here are the photos:

Tomorrow a haul is up. Promise. 'cause I'll get the most pretty hat ever. Saw it in this vintage shop I already wrote about. I reserved it until Friday so I can bargain with the shop owner about the hat, she wasn't there when I tried the hat. And I also have other pieces to show. Ya ya. I also have to get the hoodie I'll get from this bar-hopping thing. You've got a booklet and you gotta get stamps from the participating bars/restaurants, when you've got them all you get the official bar-hopping hoodie from 2011. I hope they still have a few... But I was too lazy to get there tonight and forgot about it the whole week. Wish me luck. Also I'm planning to bake a little tomorrow evening. Muffin time! I'm not doing Christmas cookies. Not yet. Just at home with mom :D I'm gonna skip the last week of lectures to get home earlier. Well, three days of lecturing. But I still have a remorse because of it. Tho' I don't think I'll miss much. Hm, however, gotta do some homework now. I've also wanted to sew again this weekend. Maybe a fur jacket. I'm trying to get rid of all my leftovers right now. The skirt in the picture was also made of leftovers I got from the prom skirt I was sewing. I had so much chiffon, really crazy. But that's why it's just a half circular skirt. What doesn't look bad I guess. It makes a smaller silhouette than a long full circular skirt. However, have a great weekend, my fellow readers ;) And bake some cookies. I'll still get cake from my Polish roommate for correcting her work. Hrr hrr, it's time for cake (without sodomy. Why the hell am I always thinking of Marilyn Manson songs? Naw.) I should end this post, I'm getting weird thoughts.

Oh, yes, just one last advertisement-sentence: I've got Tumblr now! (So odd that so many people I know have Tumblr, I didn't know that before I made my account there.) So, take a look if you like. It's full of randomness. As Tumblr-Blogs are in general.

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

Unlaced. [Rib my heart]

(Philip Glas - The Kiss)

Just a crappy outfit-post. The picture isn't brand new, I guess from 2 or 3 weeks ago, when I've got the hoodie. A very warm piece with zippers so you can wear it as a vest. Though I don't think I'd wear it that way. Well, maybe on summer nights. This reminds me that I've gotta do a haul-post soon, I've found this second hand boutique here, already bought two hats from 'em. Hm, what more can I tell? Soon I've got exams, right after the Christmas-holiday, so I've got a lot to do, though I don't have a clear mind for that stuff right now. Exam phase will be until February. And I may move in February. As university housing was only a workaround I heard from a friend in my semester that a flat will be free from February on. It would be perfect, 'cause it's even nearer to university and I'll have my own bath. I guess it will have two rooms, like my friends flat. No more Internet connection problems, no more being disturbed by others, no more fighting 'bout the kitchen... Perfect. Oh, well, here the outfit:

With and without :D

Have a nice week, fellows.

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Heart Shaped... Dress-thing

(Music: Heart Shaped Glasses // acoustic version - Marilyn Manson)

Yep, gotta sew this one some when. Right now I'm finishing my sheer black skirt (need it for tomorrows - well, todays - party) but that's the next project.
I'd call it a 60's inspired Gothic look that Taylor Mommsen would wear. The heart would be the perfect occasion to use the last tiny remains of black chiffon I've got. I still don't know what I'd use for the rest of the dress. I'll get inspired searching for fabrics. Too sad I don't have any red boots, but black ones will do the look too ^_-

                       .   Close up :D   .

Outfit-Post: Laced

(music: Emilie Autumn - A cure)

Hey there,

as announced, here's an outfit with the new corset. I haven't worn it all the time 'cause I was sick. Heavy coughing plus a corset ain't the best combination. But now I'm better and I'm wearing it again! Hurray for that. By the way, why are so many people against corsets? Today wearing it some in my housing asked me why I'm doing this. Why I'm "hurting" myself with a corset. Honestly, it doesn't hurt. I was able to climb that stupid window to get on the roof, so I still got enough space to move. No offence, it's a matter of taste. But I don't understand why people still think wearing corsets is risky for ones health. It's like people still thinking absinthe makes you blind. It's funny that just my German neighbors think it's strange. Apart from a guy I met yesterday that knows what "corset training" means. But also my other international neighbors seem to find it o.k. or even beautiful. Maybe it's a German thing that corsets are a kind of taboo. Well, I'm happy to make 'em stare :D

This time I've chosen a modern interpretation of wearing a corset. Next time it will be a classical one. Just to show how versatile corsets are.

Have a nice weekend! Mine is packed with studying... -.-'

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

They called me Rita von Squeeze.

(Music: Well, everyone should know that Main Theme. Zeldaaaaa ~ Need to play Ocarina of Time again. Somewhen. When I'm trough Dead Space.)

As promised, the shots from my outfit for my aunt's birthday party:

I think I've looked good enough to rock this cellar party full of relatives (in-laws, but that doesn't matter). About the other stuff... well, I've got a lot of work at university, while my thoughts are clouded with other more emotional things (in a good way! somehow...). Business as usual. Next up the post with my new corset! ;D I'm wearing it the second day now, it is quite comfortable, the first few hours weren't, but now I can move quite freely.

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Haul: The Black Corset

(Depeche Mode - Stripped // noooo, not the Rammstein version. Though I like both versions.)

I guess some of you are curious about my new corset. I hadn't got the chance to wear it 'til now, because the last week/weekend end everything had been crazy (in a positive way!) but at least, a little preview:

Next up is my outfit for a birthday party I've attended this weekend, but THEN the next outfit post is one with this corset on. I want to get it fully closed in at least one year. Wish me strength :D