Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Salzburg and funny photos

I was in the Mirabell Castle yesterday with my mom, and we took some funny photos with the putti on the stair-rail.
pretty empty stairs
handshaking :D
eek, what's up there? by the way, my head aches.
I want plastering someday in my house! Q__Q
but rosé would be too girly
at the Pegasus in the garden

stupid slitted eyes -.-'

So that way my little day-trip. We also visited the old and new residence, the historic centre, we were eating in a restaurant with a piece of the original town wall, looked at a few shops, but with my dad I can't shop anything. It was a nice day thou ;)

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  1. Du bist so schön :) Auch mit Schlitzaugen ;) Gefällt miir :)

    Und das DING um deinen Hals - awwwr!


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