Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

See ya soon ;)

Hey there guys,
this may be my last post until the first days of May because I'm spending my Easter holidays in Timişoara with my grandparents. Today I'm packing, tonight we're driving.
I just wanted to show you what I've shopped last Friday in Karlsruhe:
from Zara

from Cowboysbag via peoplesplace
And I already got my gift for Easter ;)
light pink pearls, they're so beautiful!
Oh and I've got featured in a Chictopia post: here
Well, I wish you all Happy Easter and great free days if you have a kind of holidays too.
Wish me luck on the highway, don't wanna waste time with the traffic because I want to stop at Passau when I'm driving home ;)


Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Outfit post, please help me decide!

Hey there guys ;D
My mom shot some photos for me and I really need help to decide which one I should upload on Chictopia, LB etc. Not only because of the pics themselves but also in question of photo editing. I tried some things there. And in the end they look so different from each other now. Fortunately I still have the originals.
Oh and in question of other stuff: I'm feeling better again! Still coughing, but much better with hay fever because it's raining sometimes again. The other thing is, I'm searching for universities now. I'm gonna study Law, so I'll have to decide. But for now it seems like I'm moving to Bavaria soon ^_^ Oktoberfest, I'm comin' ^^
Right, photos. Here they are, I wore my beloved coat and a very cute Primark skirt I bought in Dublin, because the floral pattern had gone so well with the sunny weather on that day. Do you too have some clothes you've got specific memories with? That you've bought on a trip and so on? Well, I think sometimes that's exactly why I need to shop when I'm on city trips. I hate all that souvenirs. Ordinary souvenirs like these I <3 xy-Shirts. But clothes that mean only something specific to me, that remind only me of something, are something so different.
So, before I'm degressing again:

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Shopping finds again!

Hey there!
Just wanna share my latest shopping finds quickly. I'm busy again with our "Abi-paper" (a kind of journal for and about our year), with learning for my last history exam, and so on...
So, here is my new fav jewelery:

Bought at Bijou Brigitte ;)
And the other two pieces were a basic white tank top and these two shirts, because I found out I almost don't have any shirts, only blouses:

Both from Zero. I only bought the offwhite one two sizes bigger because I wanted a loose shirt.

And I'm still feeling sick by the way. But I don't wanna use this post to complain now ;)

Freitag, 8. April 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivienne!

The mother of punk is getting 70 today! Well, speaking about age isn't that nice, but hey, she still looks gorgeous, doesn't she?
And her collections surely don't look like they are made from granny :D
Young at heart and I'm an even bigger fan of her now since I've got her hair colour ^_-

F/W 2011 Gold Label Collection

By the way, my favorite pieces of her collections are always the shoes and accessory. I could buy everything if I had the money :D
For example:
aren't they awesome?

Fashion wouldn't look the same as now if there wasn't a Vivienne Westwood, so keep on rockin' dearest Vivi, we all love you ;D

Montag, 4. April 2011

Another stupid costume post

Hey there ;D
Again, I'm sick. First I thought it was because of my hay fever. The weather was fine, sunshine again, everything was blooming and I was sick, had a red nose and streaming red eyes. On Saturday I even collapsed. I just slept then the whole afternoon, because I had show that evening. So then I was a red nodes cow. On Sunday I also had to dress up, because I ran across the city in a funny costume telling everyone we had a 10% offer at the theatre. Shops were open on Sunday, all around the city were little stalls, carousels and so on. And everyone stared at me and my companion like we were from mars. One guy even asked us if we were from mars. Another asked us where our prince has been, another asked where we have left our horse. Some guys called us "Jack Sparrow". By the way, this was the costume I'm talking about:

funny, isn't it?
What do you say, Mozart or pirate? I heard both on the streets :D
And some guys even pitied us because it was so warm this day. On my last post I complained about the rain, this weekend I wished for rain because of the hay fever. Really, I was only that much outside I had to. That's why there's no real outfit post this WE.
Oh and I forgot to tell you about Friday. We had again a guest performance. In a little hicktown called Schramberg. Well, a cute hicktown. With a tiny stage. If you wanted to go from one side to the other you had to walk on the street. The doors had to be kept open because of that. And at the end of a great aria the ambulance drove through the street ^^ That was so funny. And on the end the audience applauded like the Rolling Stones acted out. Apropos applause. My applause for the cow was amazing on Saturday! No comparison to the audience of the premiere.
Again sorry for not posting. As you may see, when I wasn't working I was sleeping and beat-up. I absolutely had no motivation writing about anything. But now I'm beginning to feel better. This morning by the way I was so sick and had such a red eye that I even didn't go on the study trip to Frankfurt. Sadly, because I bet it was very interesting. Well, at least I started sewing another skirt and I had ballet-class, because now in the afternoon I felt much better plus my eye wasn't that red anymore. And I guess I'll make the examen tomorrow. Biology. And I still have so much to learn -.-'
So, have a great week, stay healthy, and let there be...