Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Thank you all ;) And Swedish in Berlin

Hey, already 9 Followers! Almost ten. I'll take my chance to thank you in a little post.
And thanks for all the comments on my posts, it's encouraging that someone reads the stuff I write ;)

What made me also wonder: I posted my first look yesterday on Chictopia. I have to admit: I like it better than Lookbook. The people on chic are very open-minded, though it's my first post and nobody knows me there I have already 25 chic and I'm on page 2 of the Style Gallery
That's so freaking awesome! I want to get out and make new photos now :D

And that leads me to the next point. I'm feeling really better these days. I already wanted to go to school today. But everyone (especially my parents) scared me with things like: "Then you'll be sick again on the weekend and can't be on the show tomorrow night" or "you wanted to cure it right, don't destroy it now with that" and so on. Maybe they're right. I was out for half an hour yesterday and came back pale and not feeling well. I don't wanna know how I may felt after 9 hours school. But on Monday I'm writing an exam, for that I have to be there again.

By the way, next week is Fashion Week in Berlin ^_^
There's a event called "Swedish Fashion goes Berlin", I'm really curious, because I love Swedish fashion.
These three awesome Designers will have a group show:

 Camilla Norrback:  Her label uses ecological materials. Her A/W-collection 2010 was inspired by Veruca and Charly from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. A great inspiration!
 My favorites from the lookbook:

 and much more.. (everything from her site: Camilla Norrback)

Diana Orving is also a Designer to love. Her clothes are inspired by movement and dance, that's why she is designing her clothes on the body to see exactly how the fabric falls.
Here are some of my favorite pieces from her collection:

Everything from her website 

Ida Sjöstedt likes to see all the oh-so-earnest fashion thing with more fun. Her designs look typical Scandinavian to me: Fresh, light, with a wink.
I really love EVERY piece of her last collection (to her site:, so here are my favs:


  1. I adore all the photos you posted! Especially the ones with the lace!

  2. though never heard of any swedish designer before, but these are very talented judging from their works. Thank you for sharing : )

  3. Ahh your favorites are my favorite!! :)

  4. congrats for the chictopia! and those three designers are really amazing.xx

  5. lovely post. Thanks for introducing these designers, they have wonderful designs. Your blog is really cute as well.


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