Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Half a shopping day

On our way back to Germany we stopped at an Outlet Centre near Salzburg. Well, it looks very nice:
No long distances, Restaurants, everything a little shopper's heart wants. If I only had the money Q__Q
I was at Jil Sander. Saw a fabulous dress. Half price. That meant.... over a thousand €. Really, not my league. Valentino: Same thing. Wonderful clutches and dresses, I love Valentino, I was searching for a nice dress for my prom, but: Everything way too expensive. I wanted to go up to 300€, 400 bucks if it was my dream dress, but 1000... no way. That will be the money for my trip to NY.
But I found something else. Lots of tights for less and these two:
Red skirt, haven't heard of the brand yet (they said it's french, but then I wonder why 36 is still too big for me), but I don't care. Got it for 46€ in a store with different brands, for example Romeo pour Juliette.

This bag was reduced to 64€, leather, nice size for every day, from a leather store there. Strange for a vegetarian wearing leather, but well, you can enjoy your bag longer :D
Brand is Elite model's fashion. I didn't even know they had their own fashion line now O.o

It wasn't allowed to take photos inside the building, everywhere someone watching and cameras, so: Sorry!


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