Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Halloween plans

Short intermission post while I'm busy back at home, so you know why I wanna be home early on Monday so I can spend hours on my make up for the housing-halloween-party:

Freaking awesome, isn't it? Too bad I don't have any sort of military outfit. Just a fashion military jacket and no hair accessory in that style. The idea came too late to sew something. But I guess I'll do a pin-up style version of this. Green corset, mini skirt and net-stockings. A mixture of mobscene girl and green absinthe fairy. We'll see :D Pictures for sure on Tuesday.

Have fun on Halloween, girls (and the unpublished amount of men reading this blog :D)

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Where is my mind?

(Placebo - Where is my mind? [Pixies cover])

Or another question that could have been asked: Where is my Internet connection?
At least now it is working. I'm not even excusing my absence this time.
Well, there could be so much to tell. I'm doing the short version now:
I really love my studies, though it seems now like Internet Computing could have been another good choice for me.
And in the lecture hall I already have got a usual place with the best view:

the subject was History of German Law, since it's optional there are only few there...
 And a fast summary of the metal festival I attended: Loud, heavy, very loud and fuck I forgot my camera. The people were fun, except for one, but that's a long story...
The best bands for me were Ektomorf, a Hungarian metal band, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, the bit of As I Lay Dying I saw, Dark Funeral and Amon Amarth. Bolt Thrower had the better sound, but somehow they didn't catch my interest. Well, some pictures I took with my phone before the battery ran too low:

as I lay dying

another bad one

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, they had an amazing live show

the most awesome car around 
this one was also at the Reiter. Creepy keyboarder with saw-like decoration :D

Well, and because this blog should stay a fashion blog in the first place...
the bag is new, I'm so in love with it, I was searching for one in this size for so long!

And now I hope I'm doing more posts... it's unbelievable, just the second week of studying and I already have so much to study. Well, more because of Chinese than anything else... and okay, I'm partying too much. But that's uni housing, there's always something going on.

Have a nice week!

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Up to new worlds.

(Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama)

Hello world, I've got my Internet-connection back! Since today I've officially moved. Well, just a few words about it, the uni-housing is old but the people are fun. It's just sad that we've got a PS3 down there but no good games. Calls for me buying something :D
The first week now is just about exploring and discovering. I guess I'll see every pub/bar/club this week, already saw some, but the only club I was in yet was... well, not my taste. But the main topic for me this week: Metal Invasion! ^_^ I simply love festivals and the line-up is pretty amazing, though the tickets aren't expensive. Soilwork is one of the bands playing there, but the headliners are of course Amon Amarth, As I lay Dying and Bolt Thrower. I'm also already excited about Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.
And before I'm writing too much, picture flood, so you may get an idea 'bout my new room.

 Also I've got some new shirts. Well, two. Remember the voucher I had? I didn't buy shoes :D
I found similar pumps for less, so I'm gonna buy them. 80€ still is much for me. And these two blouses cost 50€ together.

 And I was searching sooooo long for a nice dark brown blouse to match my BTSSB-Alice-print-dress. Now I've got one. It's a satin-like fabric, so it's a little shiny, but I like it anyway. And I love the dark red and the peter-pan-collar of the first one.

So, keep rockin'!

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Lonely, Cryin', Only? - Not really.

Hey there,
special post for curious Charlotte ;D
I'm showing my new room. Room's the correct word for it, 'cause it is just a 30m² room. Without its own bath. A disaster for me! But I'll survive at least one semester. I'm sure. Because my room itself will look good soon.
First off, how it looked in its rawness:
desperately in need of a new chair (and by the way, I HATE yellow!)

but I somehow like the dark brown metal furniture

the door needs a new painting!

the bed looks... well.. I need a second mattress.

wardrobe inside, it's enough space for most of my stuff, I could barely imagine that

after hours of trying to bring the pieces together... here stands my new cupboard! (not even half-filled)

even the bed looks better now, plus that I've bought a new lamp (golden 'cause it will match my golden mirror :D)

and the sketch of the dress I plan to sew. I'm such a stupid copy-cat, but I was falling so in love with this gothic layering look. As I told I've already got a dress for underneath (thx Lotta!) so I'll just sew a circular chiffon skirt. Then I'll see how much chiffon's left for doing something else. But that's the idea.

Though I don't think I'll get much time for sewing until Friday, because I'll spend my time at decoration- and furniture-shops. I still don't know whether I should take my sewing-machine with me. It will distract me so much from studying... and I still don't know which guitar I should take with me. And whether I should take my keyboard with me or not. I'm still so undecided.

Oh and comment to my song-pick: I've got a crush on Therapy? lately. Maybe because I've just found an old album again. And maybe it was now exactly this song that stuck in my head 'cause it's uptempo though it is a really sad song. Can't get it out of my head for some reason.
Check out the video if you've liked the song: strange, surrealistic, black-and-white.