Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Stupid shots of New Year's Eve

Back early, but it's only a short post because I wanna go on partying. Just hid of the firework because I was scared of the guys shooting bangers in the middle of the street, also my dog is always disturbed by all this noise.
Time enough for me and a blog and Lookbook post

this should be a 20's water wave... appears my hair's acting strange

firework in front of the restaurant at 12 o'clock
And of course we danced a valse ;)

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true and give this year a wonderful ending at a party ;)
Hope you all enjoy tonight and have a great start into 2011.

Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

No time to sleep

Yesterday's outfit for walking through the clubs here.
Well, as you may call it "club".
Mercifully there are other locations than the usual After Ski huts, but it wasn't quite a hotspot where I was yesterday.
But the drinks were nice! ;)
Tonight I'll see what more this place features.

I've got new ski pants! ^__^

And I've got to show them:
The jacket's also new for this season and from Roxy - bought in an outlet on sale, the ski-pants were 139€ and are from West Scout.
Oh and the dog belongs to me :D

I also made some pictures on the slope today, because the weather was strange. It was so misty, but only on a certain height.
above the fog

fog through the trees
It even looks better when you're clicking on it and see it in full size ;)
I hope tomorrow it won't get misty, because I'd like to see the firework.
By the way, what are your plans for New Year's Eve? Already picked an outfit for it?

Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

It's getting better :D

Today I was out a little bit more, in the town near where we stay, because I felt a little better. Tomorrow I hope I can get on the slope!
Well, I saw some funny things this afternoon :D

My name is Senta, and yeah, there are sanitary towels and tampons from a company named Senta here in Austria. I couldn't resist taking a photo of it ^^

After shopping we went to a nice café there and I ate an Esterhazy-cake. It was delicious! I didn't gain much on Christmas because I was sick, so I could without bad conscience.

The licence tag of my dad's car was so frozen that you barely could have seen the number, though it hasn't snowed here.

And for the night I've got some Whisky (without e, because it's Scottish, though I like the Irish with e better :D) that is only slightly younger than I am. Funny, isn't it? It was a gift from friends of my parents.

Was Zünft'gs ess'n

at the Restaurant yesterday
As promised, a picture of the restaurant I was yesterday. A very cute old-fashioned styled restaurant with framed pictures of I guess the founders and Habsburgs. It was Austrian cuisine, but as I'm a vegetarian and already sick of Kasnock'n I ordered Tofu and it was great. Even better than my dad's cutlet.
It's only a very short post because I have to hurry, we're wanna go into the next small town :D

Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Already last Christmas

So these were my presents, well, some of them:
Awesome Cameo with two necklaces from my parents (they're goldsmiths :D)

Present for both me and my mom, the Rubin Collection <3 We love Audrey.

from awesome Charlotte, thanks dear! 
And I also got a very sweet muffin key ring from Mona, I'll post it when I'm back home, I got it only when everything was already packed.

I must say sorry that I'm only writing now, because we arrived at 12 o'clock on 25th but I was terribly sick. I caught a bad cold, I'm still sick now. Yesterday I stayed in bed the whole day, today I only was out for eating something in a cute Restaurant here in Flachau near Salzburg (picture tomorrow ;) )
It was so horrible, seeing my parents go skiing today, only me sitting in my bed and seeking the next tissue package. But I don't want to delay the sickness. So I'll do it the hard way and stay until I'm better.
I hope that I can go skiing at the afternoon tomorrow.

Oh and that's the untidy apartment we're in:
my parent's room
my couch and eating desk plus the too small wardrobe, around the corner small kitchen 
view from the eating desk
We're spending way too much for this, but we've got a pool and a wellness-lounge with sauna for free too :D
When I'm not that sick anymore I'll enter the pool ^_^

Here are some last pictures I made at home:
it was snowing all night when we were driving, that were the lights on the fence o.o all covered
my evil dog Asterix at night in the snow :D

More tomorrow, when I can see again through my aching eyes.

Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

A little present

I guess it's not arriving until Christmas, so I'm gonna post it here.
I made a little present for a friend of mine. The headband is bought, but the box is decorated by myself :D
first, the top. I run-stiched the border, tightened it, then glued it
after that I did the same with the upper side and stabilised it until the glue dried
I've cut the fabric at the top, so that it could close again, and I added satin band that it can't unravel
some other green fabric rests on the inner side, headband inside, é voilá!
nice, isn't it? ^^
Hope she'll enjoy it ;)

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010


At last, I'm on holidays!
I feel so free now. Physics was awesome, because it was the exam the class of last year wrote and I've got that exam yesterday from a friend of mine. Thanks Ida! <3
So it was pretty good for me.
Tonight I'll celebrate that all this exam-stress is over with a party, now I can party again, because I don't have to get up early and learn tomorrow :D
And I'll go skiing with my parents this holidays at Austria, near Salzburg, so we're gonna take a visiting and shopping day. Or two ^__~
We're leaving on Friday somewhen at night, so it won't be a lazy Christmas...

By the way, what are your plans for this holidays?

Apropos Christmas, I already got a present from a friend at school, a really great present:
A little Berlin-purse, because she was there this month 
and lipstick-trials! 
 She gifted me many trials because she didn't know which colours I already have or which I don't like.
But I've gotta say: I love them all! They're from Dior and Chanel and really awesome. I'll try out one tonight and take the others with me ;)
She also wanted to gift me make-up brushes. I gave her a beautiful pocket mirror in gold with marquetry. I fell in love with that mirror. And I guess she needs one. She always asks me for a mirror during lessons :D

Outfit today was very casual. Too casual for my. I barely wear Jeans or trousers in general, but today I was so sleepy in the morning and so excited about Physics that I only wore, what was falling out of my closet.

 But I love the shirt! It's from ZARA with pointe shoes. But I never wear it at the ballet. Too sad. I'm always wearing leotards there. And I had no make-up on my face. I didn't even feel very naked without :D

Perfect soundtrack for today is by Madonna:

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Snow's fading

Here's a photo of both things I made out of the tartan fabric I got, the skirt (looong time ago) and now the headband. Thou it doesn't look that great in dark hair.
Maybe I'm dyeing it blond or red. It's a little reddish right now, but not that much.
Right now I'm trying not to think of Physics tomorrow in the morning, so I was watching Sissi until right now.
And really: I can speak better Hungarian. Without that much of accent. Sure I've got an accent, but Romy's is terrible :D
Tho' I've got an exam to take, tomorrow after that I'll have holiday ^___^

By the way, I was watching Capitalism: A love-story from Michael Moore yesterday at Economics. There was an interview with someone I knew from somewhere. They said he's a part time actor and studied at Harvard and Oxford history, economics and philosophy. And sometime I realized who it was: The guy that Eleanor Waldorf from Gossip Girl wedded! Cyrus Rose. I found it quite funny, that the actor is such an intellectual guy. The actor's called Wallace Shawn. Only by the way.

Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Prepare for winter :D

Tomorrow my Mum's gonna help me out for a nice picture, so I can show how nice my headband matches the skirt. No wonder, made out of the remains ;)
Today I was too tired and exhausted for that. I had too much to do and nearly freaked out. I even wasn't at the ballet so I can do everything. But I was quicker than I thought, so I had a little time to look around online.
Seeing all the snow - it was snowing all day - I found nice coats
by Topshop, 115 Pounds
by Mary Magdalene, 55.000 Yen
There are such nice ones... But I still have to live with my lolita-able offwhite coat, my red one, my long elegant black one... umgh. I guess it's enough for using them only from November to February. But can you ever have enough clothes in your wardrobe?

I also took some photos on the outside today out of my window, because it was snowing.

It was getting warmer, so the snow slowly dropped from the trees

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

New headband and a little kitsch

My Saturday was a mess. After having my hair done even before 8 o'clock in the morning - and it was full thou, even with some children that made me go crazy! - and doing all my Christmas shopping with too many other people I was so wiped out that I couldn't make it to my acting and singing lessons anymore. I never felt that exhausted all December.
But I did what I wanted to do on Sunday. Not learning Physics, nooooo, turning my ugly yellow headband into a matching one.

That's how I did it :D
First you need a piece of fabric, a headband, needle and thread.
Then you begin to sew it on one side, so that the ending is closed.
And you sew the piece together in the middle of the inner side of the headband. It's easy :D
It should look like this on the upper side.
Then I decided to add lace to it, like on my skirt :D
And that's how it looked like in the end :D

Well... like it? :D

I also need to post some pictures of my new boots. I decided for the more expensive ones.
Cute, aren't they? They're from Si by Sinela, a Spanish brand.
And I've got something new for my jewelery:

Got it for 10% less, because it's wiggling, what isn't a problem because I'm gluing felt on the boarder, so that it shouldn't wiggle anymore. My dear ballerina ^__^ Kitsch, but I like it.

Oh and only three school days before holidays! Too bad that I've got an exam on every stupid day -.-'