Montag, 27. Juni 2011


(Recercada - composed by Ortiz, played by Emilie Autumn)

Round one of my promised posts, here the funny historical costume I had a little shoot in.
Actually the dress was red and the hat too, but a slightly different shade of red. I'm glad you can't see this on the photo because it was printed in sepia. Oh and I've got exactly the same umbrella! Plus the gloves were cheap and too loose. Simple fish net gloves. But well, I couldn't argue with the woman. At least I've got my crinoline!
Scanned, so sorry for the poor quality :D

Oh and I've bought some aviators on Saturday:

Tried a decent photographing now, thanks to a little instruction on another blog. Not a known brand, but very good quality for only 25€. Now my dad has got Ray Ban aviators and I don't. Well. I'd better buy me fake Wayfarers and colourful sunglasses matching every hat and outfit for that price. But one day when I've got the money...

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Roller Coaster

As promised, some shots from our little trip to the leisure park. With my very strange outfit (I think I was the only one wearing high heels, though my dad said there were two other girls with heels), my parents and my dog Asterix. It was really horrible for me dressing up for such an occasion because I think trousers are uncomfortable, that's why I can't wear trousers when I've gotta jump around. So it had to be a skirt. Well. But flat shoes look stupid with a short skirt or skirts in general when you're as short as I am. So, heels. Sadly I don't have semi-high heels. And it was 7 o'clock in the morning and I was tired. All together caused that stupid outfit, seems like I like that red skirt a lot.

Mom, me and Asterix

some funny stupid pics :D

Daddy and I

All shot at the end of the day, that's why I look so crappy - especially my hair. I've had a little shoot in a historic dress too, very nice, can't find the picture right now, but until tomorrow I'll find it for sure. But I guess that were enough pictures for now.
So, another post tomorrow! Also with my new self-sewn dress. It's hot again here! Summer arrived - for three days. Wednesday it's gonna rain again.

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Style Selection: White dresses and floral wreaths

(My Chemical Romance - Summertime)

Hey there ;D

Another post tomorrow, because I've got some pictures to share. I was in a fun park with my parents as I told you in a post before. It was so fun... but I'll tell more about it tomorrow, when I've got a little time. Oh and my mini shift dress in 70s style is ready! As soon as there's the right weather for it, I'll shoot some outfit-pics.
But now I just wanna do a little post about my favourite trend at the moment - beneath maxi-skirts.
White lacy dresses and romantic floral wreaths. Here are some outfits that inspire me:

from front row left to second right: ashleyoh, kikikirsten, kmwarnock and redhaireddesigner, everything via chictopia
For tonight, goodbye :D

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Hang On To Your IQ

(ang on to your IQ - placebo)

So this is another crappy picture post, I'm just using the time I've got WLAN on my laptop now. Yesterday and today it didn't work, now in the afternoon since 10 minutes it's working, so I'm writing as fast as I can as long as it's still working.
Today and tomorrow my parents have holidays too, so we're sewing a little and go to a theme park tomorrow. Didn't do this for yeeeears now, so I'm quite excited. Even more excited than for Versace at H&M. I didn't like the previews much, to be honest. I hope there will be more exciting dresses or accessory. If I want some, I'll have to save some money for it...

Because of that (and studying fees) I promised to myself I wouldn't waste so much money on clothing - because I've got enough for the moment - seeing the sale at Asos it was hard for me, but I stayed strong and didn't buy anything! So proud of myself. But I had to buy Copics. Saw them in a bookstore yesterday, they were off from 4€ to 1€, so I couldn't resist that opportunity. Plus the colours they had were awesome and I desperately need Copics in nice colours. So, here they are:

Nice pastels! Match the fabric I've bought... from the rests, just a little piece, but it'll make a nice tunic. Love love love the pattern, so I couldn't resist again. The background is a pale blue, there's now a white fabric underneath for the photos:

What kept me busy was also the search for the perfect buttons for my H&M blazer I've bought a while ago. It is black but had stupid brown buttons... Awful, really awful. So, now I've found perfect ones! D'ya like them? Seeing so many nice buttons in that store made me a little button-obsessive :D

Much better than brown I think. Looks perfect now. Another little thing I've also sewn was a cover out of some remaining of a skirt fabric. A cover for a bottle-box I keep shoulder polsters and stuff like that in, but on the outside I always hang my hair-bands.
The box out of metal is red, but I didn't like it... so, now it's black and white tartan.

covered with head-bands :D

Oh and I've also asked at the drapery 'bout pleating... there are already pleated fabric sold... but they only get some remaining for sell. So everyone who's searching a plisée fabric... just ask around. There's also a pleating machine in a factory here, but the lady in the drapery wasn't sure if private clients also can get a pleat. And she couldn't guarantee for the result. So I should look around in the ads at the sewing mags...
I did as she told me and found a factory not so far away that pleats fabric for normal costumers. Guess I give 'em a call on Monday and ask how much it costs. I'm sure there are such pleating-fabrics everywhere. If I'll get price-information I'll blog about it ;)

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Please, please, let me get what I want

Finally, I've got what I wanted.
These awesome shoes:

Brand is Seven Seconds, bought via Zalando, on sale for 49€, 10€ less than the actual price. They are very comfortable, but I wouldn't recommend them for girls with slightly broader feet. The quality is nice for the price, the colours look great, the height is perfect for every day.

Oh and we've finished the davenport on Sunday, that's how it looks like now after hours of polishing (as if it were new ^_^):

Like granny's old davenport, but I like it. Oh and this afternoon I'm gonna ask in the drapery store about the plisée-fabric... My mom said that they've got such an ironing machine for pleating fabric that way there. Tomorrow when I've got new information I'll share it with you of course ;)

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Style Selection: Pleated Maxi-Skirts

first row left: biotechnology via chictopia; right: mwa_mwa via chictopia
second row left: morven via chictopia; right: soincarmel via lookbook
Too bad I haven't seen any already pleated fabric 'round here... These skirts are so easy to make! I should research for a "Plissieranstalt", I don't know the right English term for it. A manufacture where you can have your fabrics let pleated. But I don't know how expensive it is. Maybe it's cheaper simply buying such a skirt.

However, these are my picks from LB and chictopia. I saw so many nice outfits with pleated skirt in the last time, but these are my favourites from the last few days. Just started now collecting outfits I like, but I'll continue my collection. I'm enjoying sharing beautiful outfits from others on my blog, so I hope you're enjoying this little post too.

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

The Purple Shift

Just a tiny night-post, because I'm really tired and it's almost 3 in the morning.
My grannies at least went home today. We drove them to the airport early in the morning and they are now home in Timisoara.
Yesssssss, I don't have to hide the sewing machine and my already cut minidress anymore in fear my granny could sew it.
I may have already written that a friend of my aunt and parents gifted me some fabric through my granny. A purple satin-like fabric, a little more solid than satin, I guess it's polyamide and a very tiny piece of purple chiffon/tulle with beaded embroidery. The thing you saw often in the 80s and early 90s on dresses. As there's barely a yard of that fabric I can't cover a dress made of the other purple fabric. Though it would have looked so pretty, both one upon the other. So I thought of a low-cut back shift dress with double cap sleeves to make it a little girlish. The low back should be covered with the chiffon/tulle stuff, and the rest depends on how much fabric there will be left. I'll add a little of it at the décolleté for sure, I'll try how the sleeves would work with the embroidered fabric and if there's much left I'll sew that fabric on the hemline too.
Well, that's the theory, I'm curious for the dress. But first I'm gonna finish the other dress. Just have to sew everything together next week.
Tomorrow won't be time for that, because I've got a show again and I've bought an old davenport. I've gotta repair a broken edge and a door tomorrow, it needs a proper polishing, then it'll look like a new one! Pics tomorrow as soon as it is done :D
Oh and here a sketch of the purple dress:

About my tattoo... I wanna add a stitched paragraph sign at the end of the thread too. As a seam. That would be the perfect combination. Not law&order but law&sewing ^_^

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

The Tattoo

source: flickr
Not my arm! :D But that's how it should look like. I just wanna add a seam on my arm.
As soon as I've moved out I'll get my first tattoo... a sewing-related tattoo is perfect for me as a fashion- and DIY-freak ;)
Plus it is little, not so flashy, can easily be hidden...
What do you think? Good choice for a first one or stupid idea in general?

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

The striped shirt

Hey there ;)
I've got some photos to share again because my parents had free for Whit Monday (and Whit Sunday of course, but I had a show that afternoon). We had a nice lunch at the "Sea-house", a known restaurant with a little lake, where I ate a delicious gilthead (after not eating fish for sooooo long). They also have awesome cakes, but I couldn't eat anything more. Because it was a holiday, a band played. Well, band... it was folk music. German folk music. That's another point why we DIDN'T stay outside eating cake and drinking coffee... Can't stand it. But we walked around a little and took some photos:

with a cigarette. I'm a bad bad girl, I know.

the bridge is soooo cute! and everything so idyllic

that front of house is so sappy! 
On the same day my mom took some pictures for a competition by burda style. The task was wearing a striped shirt in a neat outfit.
I wore it with a red shirt and dotted tights, but some different accessory because I couldn't decide. What's your favourite?

I don't think I'm gonna win, but I had a reason to shoot some pictures again, so I've got something to upload.
Oh and by the way, I'm gonna have my new headphones! Sennheiser HD 518. Big, but great sound, worth every euro I've spent.

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Shopping ^___^

Hey there guys!
Yesterday I went shopping with my mom - yes, shopping with mom is best because you get almost everything paid plus in my case she's fun to hang out with - and bought a nice dress and a summer skirt. I really had to get out a little bit. The weather is so grey here at the moment, I'm just sitting around at home this week, guess I'm getting a little depressed. So, what's better than spending money for cute clothes? ;D
Here are my finds:

Dress from H&M, with light petticoat underneath. The real colour is somewhat between both pics. 29,95€

white (not off-white!) summer skirt from Orsay. Had a discount - 30% - so it was only 17€!

On sale - I almost always buy tights on sale - this one with big black dots. A little too big because I normally wear 34/36, but that doesn't bother me. There wasn't any smaller one.

Also on sale, also too big, also doesn't bother me, also polka-dots. Only tinier and white on nude ground.

Jep, I HAD to buy it. Only 19€! ^_^ 
Found the game when I was searching for headphones. Sadly I didn't find the one I was looking for. The Sennheiser HD 218. Everyone is wearing skullcandy headphones or some other stylish ones, but my personal oppinion is, that they sound like 10€-headphones and actually cost 60-80€. Of course, they look nice. But sound is more important to me, that's why I'm gonna buy a Sennheiser or Sony or Philips. We'll see. Today I wanna take a look into another shop. Maybe they've got a wider choice. The problem for me is, that I've got a small head because I'm small in general. The one I liked wasn't tight enough on my head. Why don't they've got XS-headphones for girls like me?! Q__Q

Oh and I've drawn something:
I've bought a leftover of this fabric some weeks ago and now know what I wanna sew: A short tunic-like dress with wide sleeves. A little 70s, but I like it. Now I just need matching Go-go-boots ^_^
And I have to sew it. Yesterday I've cut the model. This afternoon I've got a little time for it. But first I'm gonna get my headphones! Yeah.

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

On a little trip to Cologne

Yesterday I came back from Cologne, well, what a weekend!
A friend of mine won tickets for a Sunrise Avenue concert and asked me if I wanna join her. The band is not exactly my taste of music but hey, it's for free. The only thing that bothered me was: how do I get over 300 km to Cologne without paying too much? For a band I love I'd go even 1000 km, but in this case, I was thinking of not going. At least I've gotta admit: I went there because of the supporting act, one night only.
In the end we two bought a group ticket for 40€, 5 persons, had two guys that joined our train-journey, one guy that was almost from the beginning with us was really handsome and in our age. We had fun during sitting there ;D The only stupid thing was: we just could take the local traffic with our tickets. So it took us 6 hours to get there. But we only had to pay 10€ per person. On our way back we had no passengers, so we paid 20€ (each of us), but that was cheap compared to over 90€ we would had to pay with a high speed train (in which we'd only spend 3 hours). Anyway, we had time. And gaggled all way long. But we were a little tired because we talked on Friday night until Saturday morning 4 o'clock, also because I had a show on Friday evening. Well, not tired. Just...weird.
We arrived at 3 o'clock in the afternoons, so we had time to take a look into the famous dome and took some quick pictures:

We also set down at a little café at the dome and ate cake :D
Then we made our way to the concert, that was better than I expected. We were in front row because we won special tickets. First ONO played. The vibe (one of the fav words of the band's singer I guess :D) wasn't that cool at the beginning. As it always is when thousands of people wait for the main act. I only saw Lotte and me dancing and screaming a little. Maybe there were some others trying to heat up the crowd behind us. I think so, because the guys really were great! Guess I'm a fan now. The singer, George, who has birthday on the same day as I, he's just one year older, modeled for Burberry with Emma Watson. Maybe some girls only screamed because he looked that good. Not my taste, but definitely good lookin. The guitarist was cuter. But as looks doesn't matter, I'm judging because of sound. And they sounded nice.
Some photos here (I made more videos :D)

My friend even screamed "I love you!", which was very funny :D The presenter even came to her asking her to scream into the mic to win a meet&greet. But she didn't want to. Because she's too shy and also because we had to catch the train after the show.
After all that jumping with ONO we saw Sunrise Av. First I thought they were just another nice little pop-rock band. Hitting no note etc. But they were really good musicians! Especially one guitarist (he even danced a little ballet at the end, so funny). Of course the vibe was awesome because almost every one got there to see them, everyone was singing along, they did a little medley of famous songs in strange versions, of course their own songs, well, nice. I jumped and danced, though I'm more the head-banging type (okay, the music wasn't metal enough for that). Here too, a little photo:
The singer was so funny :D
We got to the aunt of my friend at midnight by train, stayed over night, talked til 2 o'clock or more, really a nice family, we had terrible thunder and in the train home in the morning we met two girls that we got to know at the concert. At 2 in the afternoons I got home, got a decent meal (the only one since three days) and slept two hours before I had another show. It was really surprising that I didn't fall asleep in the breaks when we didn't have to dance. It also was surprising that I didn't make terrible mistakes because of sleepiness.

For my conclusion: Concerts that far away on such a hot day are a sweaty thing. I dressed up so nicely but felt so not nice because of that. Note to self: I should wear a hat on a concert or festival open air every time now. Great cover for sun-haters like me. Also great cover against photographers. But next time: No vests! On the other hand I'd felt incomplete without a matching vest only wearing black jeans and a shirt.
Oh and now it is official for me:
Festival season has begun! Even without me at Rock am Ring :D
But next time I'll save some money for RAR. I'm so jealous of a friend who was there this WE.
Reminder: My Chemical Romance is next on the list. 2nd of July also on that Coke-promotion-anniversary-whatever tour, as this concert. We HAVE to win tickets. And ONO is there again ^_-