Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

A mouse on the keys and a bullet in my heart

Music by Mouse on the Keys, a Japanese jazz-whatever-I-dunno-how-to-describe - band. Heard about them from a guy that is also in my year at college, he really has a nice taste in music. Yes, I'm not only listening to rock, metal and such. Variety is the key :D And I think this band should become more popular. Statement made, let's change topic.

Well, I'm still searching for something to buy. Honestly, these boots from last post look funny, but I don't know if I'd wear them. Even at muddy festivals where I could need 'em.
So I was falling in love with these pumps:
by Moma, 270€, so freaking awesome.
But sadly... not my size. And way... I mean WAY (!) too expensive. Yep, I need to get rich. Material girl. I should rename my blog ^^

by Mai Piu Senza, 90€
 90€ is still expensive, but hey, I need to invest in key-pieces. Still... I guess I'll need money for my new room. And I've gotta decide 'til tonight, 'cause I'm on the road tomorrow at 6 o'clock in the morning. And Friday's my last day for the coupon.  Hm.

My next post will be sent from my old "home" again on Monday or Tuesday because I'm driving back home again with my parents for the rest of next week until next Friday/Saturday. The orientation week is starting only on 10th Octobre and I don't think I can get all the stuff I want to bring with me in two cars. I could, no, but I don't know exactly how big my room is. If I could find I place I want to bring my sewing machine, at least one guitar and my keyboard with me. But if the room's even tinier than my one at my parent's flat, there won't be any space for it.

I've wanted to show off one idea I've got quickly, I'm running out of time, still need to pack so many things. I saw this one at Chictopia:
via Chictopia by Naz_Isik (
 I've got a nice LBD by Charlotte (hey at this point!), it has got a lacy pattern, thin straps and a shape almost like the H&M dress above, just longer (kneelength, almost). The lady above just wore a chiffon skirt over the dress, which is simple, but very stylish and special. As I've got loads of black chiffon left from my prom-skirt I'm gonna sew a chiffon skirt for my LBD and add some chiffon on the top of the dress too. Hm. Gotta have to sketch it :D Good thing I've got free time and a sewing machine next week!

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Outfit-Post: The lace-skirt

Another skirt's finished and ready-to-wear (prét-á-portér, hihi, not haute couture), that's the good thing about starting to sew different pieces, you end what you wanna like to end on that day. And honestly, I wasn't in the mood for sewing white cotton lace in an exact line. This one was easier and more effortless. But still very wearable, though it turned out really short. At least for me. I'm not used to wearing so short skirts. But as long as it covers everything... ^^
Well, here is the skirt:

And I still have my 10€-Zalando coupon... couldn't find anything 'til now. I desperately need a black bag in a handy size, classic design, not too fancy, leather. Really, there was nothing on the website I've liked! I'm also searching for classical pumps in brown, also leather, doesn't have to be real leather, the colour should be something like what they're calling "cognac" (though I'd prefer whiskey or absinth, but a pale-green bag? noooooo...), no straps, like the one I'm wearing above, means pretty high, but it'd be awesome if they had thick heels. Or even wedges would be okay. But... I can't find the perfect shoes! At least, not under 80€...
What I also need are wellies (or rubber boots), the ones I loved so much aren't in the shop anymore - get out the violins for me! - but then I saw these:

Däv Western Cowboy, 75€ reduced, with coupon 65€, still expensive for rubber boots, but these doesn't look like rubber boots :D

P.S.: Song choice, guess you know why, look at my bag ^___^
Just found it again while packing for Passau. My beloved The Nightmare Before Christmas-bag from Athens.

Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Whoever said it has been Alice Dellal...

that made the undercut popular under non-punks is wrong.
(Matching music needed now)

It was my favourite male trendsetter David Bowie:

See, even my colour! :D

Speaking of Bowie and ginger hair... just found this one. I hate to admit it, but:
sooooooo cuuuuuuuute! (even I sometimes think little kids are cute. But only when they're dolled up in a funny way like this one)
So here comes Baby Ziggy! ^__^

source: (nice blog by the way!)
Speaking of weirdness in a Ziggy-Stardust like fashion, here are my top three hats of the London Fashion Week (honestly, I've always envied the Brits for their tradition in hats, but some readers may already noticed that):

I'd call it: The Blood Red Swan. At Giles
booklovers at Kinder Aggugini 
Somehow grungy shred-style at Louise Gray
What I don't wanna show you is the Vagina-Hat. Yep, there was one. Not ON the runway, but some guy with such a hat showed up at the Fashion Week. If you're hardcore enough to handle this (haha, explicit pictures), search for it, I ran across it on the Internet while searching for the most stupid hats in London.
So then, I'll take my hands off my laptop, gotta pack 'cause I'm moving on Friday.

Read ya ^_-

Freitag, 23. September 2011

Haircut, Undercut, cut cut cut...

So, I'm posting again, whou, I shouldn't complain anymore.
I just wanted to show off my new haircut :D
And cut is the key word here. I wanted something different, something extreme. And well, it got extreme, judge for yourself:

Bi-color again :D But I didn't dye it. I'm mostly dying it myself, much cheaper, but I invest in a good cut.

An extreme haircut needs a simple outfit. So, I was wearing all-black yesterday. No, not because of my hair. Because of Troy Davis. His death was scandalous. The whole story made me really mad, because it showed one thing again: law ain't fair. Or at least, the decisions made by judges ain't always fair.

Wish you all a nice weekend anyway!

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Paisley, Blood and Flat Shoes

Hey there,

I won't even apologize anymore for not blogging... college gets on my goat. Really. Just got my student-ID stuff and all passwords for logging in on Saturday, I've spent the whole weekend with stud.ip (a program to log in for courses at college, we also call it now. yes, even law-students are funny sometimes), finding out which courses I have to take and with filling out my application for Bafög, a repayable state grant, which catches the meaning most... Geez, I almost had a nervous breakdown meanwhile. And there also are so many other things to organize, for example moving out, there's already a facebook-group for us first-semesters, so I already have the chance to know some people when I arrive. 700 new law-students! That's huge for such a tiny university. I'm already so excited about everything that I need to detract myself from everything. With sewing and playing guitar.

I've already painted the shirt I cropped and resew, it got really bloody, guess it's just wearable on Halloween or concerts...

bloody back. maybe I'll add another bloodstain there.

And here's another thing I began to sew. The skirt I was drafting and posting some-when, out of remaining fabric I've found. It's not completely decorated yet. But already wearable.

Kitsch and lace-hearts. Totally Ama-Lolita. But I like it somehow. The contrast is better in original, because the fabric's a little darker.

what I wanna add are these lace-stripes. Will take some time.

also made the belt on my own. Simple elastic sewn on a metal-buckle for these kind of stretch-belts.

and here we come to the things I was shopping in Spain. These shoes here. I know, they are flat. Fucking flat. But comfortable as hell. The only bad thing about 'em is that one shoe was exposed, the other not. So one is already quite worn out, the other still a little tight on my foot.

my cheap on-sale silk-blouse! the pattern looks surprisingly nice on me. Tucked in it even creates a beautiful shape. Not tight, nicely loose, but still shows the waistline.

what I love most about the blouse are the details. Hidden button-tab and another matching fabric on the inside.
Also if anyone's reading this, sorry I don't comment on other blogs right now. So busy... but I'm sure it'll get better as soon as college's starting and everything's bought, done and clear to me.

Have a nice week!

Samstag, 10. September 2011

Shoppingfinds, reconstruction and the matter of colour

New post, new post!
Geez, I don't know what I'm doing with all my time, but at the end of the day there's nothing left of it and I didn't do everything I wanted.
Tempus fugit. Ha ha, nine years of Latin and I can write that. See, it wasn't a waste of time.

Well, I just wanted to show you the last stuff I've bought. I still need to post the awesome silk blouse I bought in Spain, but it still needs some hand-washing. Time is running out. At least I can wear that in autumn too. The stuff I bought recently is from H&M, it's so strange I've found something there... I'm so bored by the clothes I see right now. Hope the autumn collections aren't just not fully in the stores...

sorry for the stupid flash, but at least the details are visible. The chiffon part goes quite deep, so I'll wear something underneath. Just when I want to provoke... 40€

my very first denim-blouse! I was searching for a long time, but now I've found the perfect one. 25€
And best thing 'bout it: The two pieces even look good together! It's a way I can wear that party dress even at a not so formal occasion.

Next thing up: The reconstruction of a T-shirt I got from my school theatre-group as a gift. It was a normal shirt in size M, not a girly shirt, with just the plain text on it (one of the better gags of our last show, for the non-german speakers, it's a persiflage to the "Get thee to a nunn'ry" sentence from Hamlet. The character in our play saying this can't spell the letter L and says N instead).
Well, 'cause I wouldn't wear it that way and because I was bored, I sewed it smaller, cut the neckline and sewed the leftovers on the border of the shirt. Now I've got a shirt-dress :D
It just needs some decoration. I'm thinking of some red splatters, but maybe some cutouts with black chiffon and safety-pins could make a nice effect too. I'll see. Monday I'm gonna take a look at the local art-store, maybe I find some matching textile paint.
However, that's how it looks now:
and by the way: It really looks better on me :D
I've already wanted to show off my new hair-colour... I just hadn't got the time to upload the pictures. Now my hair got a little lighter, it's not that intense anymore, but still more red than blond.
Now it's more like that....

freshly dyed it was more like that. Ignore the stupid face.

So, have a nice weekend! Tomorrow I'll go to a medieval pageant and I've got nothing to wear! Desperately need to sew some medieval-style clothes. But for a first try I maybe buy something there, so I can copy the cut ^^

Montag, 5. September 2011


Hey guys,

I've been a bad bad blogger, I know. I had a workshop last week, including three shows on Sunday and working (dancing, singing, acting) every day 'til 8 o'clock in the evening, beginning 9 in the morning. And I had to get there by train, which took some time too. However, this musical workshop was quite interesting and I had fun, but I've been so tired every day I came home that I hadn't got the strength for a post. Though I enjoyed the week I'm pretty sure now I don't want to earn my living with that. For many reasons. But I don't want to write about that now, it's a long and complicated story that ain't so interesting. I had the chance to sign an indenture there, but first, 650€ (about 900$) per month for musical school is something I can't afford and 2nd I don't think I'm the type for musicals. Most musicals are happy. I'm really not the happiness-type. Two hours of looking happy and doped make me depressed and freak me out. Too many people at one place are freaking me out. So this workshop made my decision clearer. I'll still dance and act while studying but not on a professional base. Maybe it's still some kind of side job for me there. I'm gonna see whether they are hiring extras at the local theatre.

But the thing I want to share now is Instagram. I guess most of you have heard about it, it's an iPhone-App for taking and sharing photographs. Sadly I didn't had the time to take many photos there, but the weeks before I photographed everything I saw. And I'm beginning to do that again.
If you want to follow, my name there is ms_skellington ;)