Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Colourful spring

Too bad today the weather is sooooo bad it makes me depressing. It's raining, it's grey, but I keep on carrying on and wear my soft pink trenchcoat with violet ruffles skirt. Too bad it was raining so badly that I couldn't take photos. But I'll wear it again this weekend. I'm in love again with my purple skirt :D
Yeah, and because the whole day was stupid somehow, not only because of the weather, but also because of school - lessons in the middle of the day are being dropped, but I have to walk in again for some stupid presentation of the Masterplan of our city (everything they plan doesn't interest me because a) they haven't got the money for all that and b) I'm moving out as soon as I know to which university I'm going, all the teachers are acting strange and are thinking we'd still do something for lessons, etc. etc. - sh... what did I wanna say?
Yes, I was doing a little colour blocking outfit on Polyvore, because everything was so grey out there, I had to see colour on my notebook screen.

And because I don't always want to complain, I'm letting go of writing here now. And I'm gonna bake muffins. That'll make me happy.
Have a great weekend ;)

Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Blue, blue, blue is all my accessory...

Hey there guys,
news from the play I'm in. The review in the biggest local newspaper was exactly as my parents said it would be. Even almost the same words my parents said after the premiere. Same actors/singers who they liked and disliked. That was so funny. Sadly they didn't mention the ballet or the cow (means: us). And I was cut off of the picture.
But a friend told me a picture of me was in another newspaper. She'll bring the article when I see her on Thursday or Friday.
I guess it was this picture:
jep, that's me. that photo's on the theatre page and on their facebook page. taken at a rehearsal. I even had stranger glances.
So in the end you see how I look as a cow. Muh. Stupid steppin' cow.

We have now rehearsals with ballet for our matinée and I'm gonna sing at a casting show. You may know X-factor. There's a German version too. I still don't know which three songs to sing.
School's terribly boring at the moment. We only have a few lame exams left and nothing exciting to do. The most exciting thing is our trip to the stock market next Monday. Uuuh. I'm gonna wear pink in the middle of all that black-suit wearers. Like in Legally blond. Haha.

Last but not least, another outfit post :D
I was wearing my beloved self-sewn skirt ^_^

Also as always on Chictopia and Weardrobe .

Bye then, wishing you a great week ;)

Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Fashion icon: Liz Taylor

First off: The premiere was amazing! Everything went well for me, I'm so excited about the reviews that come out tomorrow in our local newspapers!
As soon as I see something I'll post about it.

But now to Liz Taylor. It's sad that a piece of that Hollywood glamour died with her. And it makes me furious that every yellow paper out there seems to judge her life now. All that things about her childhood, her marriages, and so on... I don't want to judge, I just want to take a look from the fashion side on her. Because I always admired her style, especially in the early 50's when she had that shortcut.
So here is a little tribute to her as a fashion icon and an awesome actress:

Liz in 1948. She had such a thin waist!
her wedding 1950 with Conrad Hilton. If I ever marry, I'll do so in such a dress
Taylor with James Dean in "Giants" 
two of my icons: Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly, on the right Lorraine Day
she was THE icon of the 50's in a way, here in 1959
also stylish on vacation, 1962
she really had her very own style - and a thing for jewelery
red lipstick and a wide smile - 1984
sometimes her outfits for the red carpet were really eccentric, but she was in style even at a anterior age (1987)
Hiding? Not Liz Taylor! (1987)
she still was a beautiful lady in 1998 - all silver

2007, being glamorous in a wheelchair was no big deal for her

So let's commemorate her as one of the most beautiful and fashionable persons of her time, as the last piece of the good times at Hollywood. In my eyes she was the last real diva.

Freitag, 25. März 2011

Crappy little boho-look post

I'm quite stressed because I'm baking muffins for our premiere right now, I'm only posting while my dad's back with the milk we forgot to buy :D
Tonight it's premiere-time, so wish me toi toi toi ^^
I'm sure I'll be mentioned in the local press as the strange cow.
So just a little outfit post now, with all the things I bought lately. An H&M-Outfit :D

and some more pictures:

Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Little 20's girly girl

Hey there guys!
At the moment I'm quite busy with theatre and school. Friday 25th we've got our premiere, tomorrow I'm writing Economy, next day Latin. I think you can imagine my situation.
But even if it is stressful, some funny things happened for example at our dress rehearsal.
Wanna see how I look with long hair? That's me with my wig for the show:

I'm looking so different!
And that's my costume, the girls from the tailoring said it would look uncompleted, so I guess we'll also get little socks with ruffles and some accessories.
Photos from the cow-costume you'll get next week. We hadn't got the time on Friday to let someone take a picture. But the costume is hilarious!

Wish you a great next week!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

The First Part Is Over

Yeah, I'm done with my first Abitur aka A-levels week!
The worst - also called maths - is over, wrote it yesterday. I also wrote German this week, now Latin and Economy are still coming up next week.
That's why I didn't post anything, all that work, also at the theatre, because we've got our premiere next Friday.
The weather is now as sad as my maths exam was, so these are photos from last Friday when I was shopping with Charlotte ;)
Uploaded on LB, Chic and Weardrobe. Not the best photos, because my dad took them, but better than nothing :D
And see? Maxi skirt again :D My new love.

Samstag, 12. März 2011

Shopping finds

Hey guys,
this is an almost pictures only post, because I want to show what I was shopping on Monday and yesterday with Charlotte ;D
Hope you're having a great weekend!
straw hat, H&M, 10€
blazer I wore with the maxi skirt in my last post, H&M, 40€
maxi dress, H&M, 15€
pattern detail
shirt, reduced to 9€, Orsay
lace detail

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

The maxi skirt trial

Hey guys, sorry I'm only posting now, it was totally crazy with all these rehearsals and carnival here :D
But now I tried it with some suggestions you had, sadly I don't have a fitted sweatshirt, only cardigans, maybe I should buy one. And a simple plain white shirt. Don't have one either :D It is so hard to find a white shirt that's not transparent on my boobs, you can't believe it. I tried to buy one, but every store closed at 1 o'clock yesterday.
However, as soon as I've got a nice colourful sweatshirt - need one anyway - and a shirt I'll take a picture, for now I tried these variations:
first try with a red leather jacket
that is quite tight :D
then with a blazer
with a loose black leather jacket
with cardigan and scarf
with an oversized shirt and matching cap
I like this one because of the big hat
the belt is okay I guess, but the hat isn't matching I think

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Any ideas?

Before I post my new maxi skirt - I still have to fix something there - I'm posting my bought maxi skirt.
It is black with a little train and ruffles on the end:

My question there is: Do you have any idea how I could wear that skirt in a more casual way?
I love this skirt so much because it is a little high waisted and so short on the front that I can drive wearing it without shutting the skirt into the pedals :D
But on the backside it is floor length, maybe even a little longer with the wrong shoes.
It is sad that I only can wear it to elegant occasions. Mostly I'm combining it with my corset or a nice blouse or camisole for theatre premieres or elegant restaurants.

Well... any ideas for a casual styling with that skirt? I'm trying every suggestion if I have the clothes for it and I'll take a picture so you see how it worked ^^

By the way, some of my favourite casual looks with black maxi skirts:
by Jana K. on
That's something I'll try with that skirt. Black and white striped shirt and boots.

by Katie C. on
All black, simple, chic but with the leather jacket yet casual for everyday. But would that work with ruffles?

Love that styling! I even have a lace bodysuit :D

found on hypeed
That styling rocks too!

The only things that makes me think all that ideas don't work on this skirt and me are:
1. I'm not tall but curvy. So I can't wear something long or loose on my upper part of the body with a maxi skirt.
2. This crappy ruffles and train that only look good worn very very elegant.

So, do you still have ideas what could work? ;D
I would appreciate every suggestion!

Hugs and kisses, xoxo,