Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Think 50's!

Sorry guys for being so lazy in writing for my blog the past day. School was taking control of me, so I barely had time to even read my emails.
But I already think of fashion now that my terrible week is almost over.
We're gonna have a play at the Drama Club of our school, of course I'm acting but also doing costumes for it. It's a comedy, set in the 50's, we're gonna have it overacted like the movies of these time, with great poses and stuff. So it's gonna be very funny ;D I already have some ideas for the costumes. Thinking of 50's I see one thing: Petticoats, petticoats, petticoats! And the fitting skirts over them. Also I think of nice pencil skirts and suits with skirts. Everything has to be black and white because it's our colour scheme this year. I'm already so excited sewing and searching together all these things! 50's and 60's are my favourite fashion-eras beneath the 20's.
The only thing is that I don't have a clue about male-clothing of the 50's. Only suits is a little boring, isn't it? I have to take a look at some old movies to find inspiration for our boys.
But that's the style I want to catch:

Skirts like this are simple and fast to sew, so the younger girl-characters will get variations of these circular skirts with different pattern.
Something not that poofy for the older characters. Polka dots in general would be awesome too! I've got a dress like this from my mom, also with dots, but sadly it's red with white dots, so... not suitable. A dress like this would be more difficult to sew, but fun. Or we could only sew the skirt and search a fitting blazer for it. Or a cardigan. Also very 50's. We could buy some from h&m and embroider them. We'll see...
That looks also so 50's! With white gloves... awesome. Only in black, for our play.
I'm so full of ideas! Tonight and tomorrow I've got time to draw some sketches, I'm posting them, I promise ;)

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  1. i'm already looking forward to your sketches, this project sounds great :)
    i don't even know a lot about 50ies clothing but i also love the 20ies <3


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