Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Last week Q__Q

I'm a little tired, because I only slept two hours. I have to write a paper for some competition in three rounds, first price after all rounds is a scholarship. I don't think I'm good enough, but yey, I'll try. I have to finish until Saturday so I can let it have proofreading, but the problem is: Only 10 pages! Topic is a comparison between the descriptions of the shields of Achilles and Aeneas, Iliad and Aeneid. That's why I'm not posting that much.
Aaaand this is my last week of holidays -.-'
But before I'm only complaining, I'll post a picture. I think I've got a thing for Peter Pan collars now. And thinking of white collars I'm thinking of Paris somehow, don't know why, maybe because Paris means classic, elegant but simple style for me, accordingly to Mademoiselle Chanel.

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