Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Let there be spring

Sorry for not writing anything these days, I'm sick with a great flu. Last days I felt like I was dying. That's why I also did not take any pictures. I'm looking awful. But I sent my paper for that contest in ^_^ And booked a yoga-course for me and my mom. That will be funny. And I'm staying in bed until I'm really healthy again, because I've been sick for two months with some 1-week breaks. That's really annoying.

So when I have only my books and TV to stare at (can't concentrate on learning though I should) I saw a wonderful trench I have to buy. H&M I love you:

h&m, 50€
Love the details on it. See the little ruffles? Gonna get it when I'm well again, maybe they've got it in our store here.

And that's why I coordinated it - at least online - with some spring-like pieces:


  1. the coat is really classic and gorgeous.
    great picks! thanks for sharing the inspiration !!

  2. love the trench! Hope you`ll be feeling better!xx

  3. i really need a khaki trench! ^o^
    it would look amazing with that dress from modcloth.

  4. love the trench, and the dress from modcloth!
    love your blog, following :)


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