Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Style Icon: Jerry Hall

First I wanna thank you, 14 readers are quite a lot, and thanks also to the ones sometimes but often stopping buy to leave a comment. Sorry I didn't write anything for so long, same excuse as every time ;)
I didn't even had time today to take a picture until it was dark again, but my outfit was quite nice. But it was way to cold with looped tights :D Maybe I'm wearing the same tomorrow and take a picture.
I'm in a very good mood today because singing lessons were great! We're singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables at the moment, I can hear and feel how my voice became stronger and more controlled over the half year of lessons. Plus I got gifts! :D A headband and a scarf. She saw the black ribbon headband and thought of me, because I'm always wearing headbands, that was so cute! Tomorrow I'll post a picture of both.

What I wanted to post about today was Jerry Hall. Heard too much Rolling Stones in my car today, somehow I thought of her. Maybe because she's Jagger's ex. But clear is: She brought style to the late 70's and 80's. A style icon of her decade as I think. And still today she's awesome. Proof?
and now, still a beauty

typical: graphic prints
that looks 80's to me now

By the way...
"Supermodel and 1970s' glamour icon Jerry Hall says it wasn’t her lush blond hair or endless legs that inspired her to become a model.

It was LSD." - source here ;)
And she's only one year younger than my mom. But I also love her and Mick's daughter Georgia May Jagger.
It's obvious her mother's a beauty and fashionista. Oh and Elisabeth of course is awesome too. Here are the two beauties:
 Especially Georgia is so cute:

Aw, guess I love the whole family's style.

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011


Hey there! As promised, now I've got photos of my two coats. Well, one. The trench is my mom's. Remember that trench coat from H&M I posted? We saw it, I tried it, but it suited my mom better. Then we saw that great other coat, the colour looked so nice on me in the strong light. So she bought the beige one, I the other, but we switch sometimes. That's how I shop with my mom :D

my own coat, with a wide lolita skirt underneath :D

A-line seems to look good on me :D

even the lining is awesome

the other coat

I'd have to iron it first...

detail of the ruffles

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Two more ideas

By the way, I still have more ideas. I'm so into 50's now ^_^ I still need an outfit with stripes and the outfits for the guys, but I thought we'll simply take some dark slacks, vests maybe, polos in pink (pink rage :D) and shirts. And of course: hats! Same goes for women-accessories: scarf worn as head-scarves á la BB. And of course light gloves (we play in July, so it's gonna be hot enough).
Here are two more drafts I made:
sorry for the bad scan, it was early in the morning :D
pleated skirt <3
Too bad we don't have much money to spend for costumes, so I'll have to watch out for cheap fabric or things I can alter simply. Our teacher already warned me to think of that little problem :D

No photos of myself, though I want to show you my coats. The weather here is too bad to take photos outside - it's raining - and my flat's like a mess. Hope tomorrow the weather will be better! Though I'll don't have time tomorrow, because we're gonna have another guest performance. Will be late again. And I'm so f... tired -.-'

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

First drafts

Sorry for being such a lazy blogger these days, there was much going on. Yesterday a stupid guest performance (well, it was quite funny though we came home so late that I couldn't get up for school this morning), today a very long day, Saturday shopping (got two coats and fabric 'em tomorrow!) and musical-group, school, yeah, no time for posting.
But: I was drawing at the bus yesterday when we came home at night.
The first basic ideas, I don't want to make everything too complicated because I know we won't have time in the end to sew so much. But... I'll make some drafts with more ruffles and stuff too :D
Here are the first ones - I know I suck at drawing and colorizing, but I hope you'll get the idea.
simple pencil skirt and cardigan with peter-pan collar and embroidery, for our earnest teacher in the play
shift-dress and cape for any more sophisticated character
for one daughter of our protagonist: circular skirt and blouse
for another young character: polka dots dress!
And I know now that some of our guys will wear polos, others only chemises and the earnest and old ones suit. Simple, isn't it? But with hats of course!
More soon ;)

Also new posts on LB and Chic:

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Fashion Week in Berlin: Lena Hoschek

First: Lena Hoschek from Austria is one of my favourite designers. A very talented young woman, that also seems to be quite a nice person. By the way, her blog's nice too: Lena Hoschek's Blog
Her style is very 40's/50's, sometimes cute, sometimes country, always a little inspired by the tattoo-scene.
So then, enough advertisement.
Here are my favourite pieces from her show at the Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011:

need... that... dress!
secretary-style ;D
something for our theatre-piece, isn't it? ^^
a golden girl :D
love especially the one walking off
want to wear that on a blooming field :D
picture flood, sorry
pattern: awesome!
do you know the series "mad men"? reminded me of it.
love the mix of styles here

so great, I'm in love
also great

even yellow pants can look gorgeous
 These photos were the cutest:

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

My personal summary: I adore her!
That gave me another motivation and inspiration to make the best out of my project. By the way, I'm working together with another girl that is also an awesome sewer and designer. That will be great, I'm sure. Those will be the best costumes our group ever had :D

Think 50's!

Sorry guys for being so lazy in writing for my blog the past day. School was taking control of me, so I barely had time to even read my emails.
But I already think of fashion now that my terrible week is almost over.
We're gonna have a play at the Drama Club of our school, of course I'm acting but also doing costumes for it. It's a comedy, set in the 50's, we're gonna have it overacted like the movies of these time, with great poses and stuff. So it's gonna be very funny ;D I already have some ideas for the costumes. Thinking of 50's I see one thing: Petticoats, petticoats, petticoats! And the fitting skirts over them. Also I think of nice pencil skirts and suits with skirts. Everything has to be black and white because it's our colour scheme this year. I'm already so excited sewing and searching together all these things! 50's and 60's are my favourite fashion-eras beneath the 20's.
The only thing is that I don't have a clue about male-clothing of the 50's. Only suits is a little boring, isn't it? I have to take a look at some old movies to find inspiration for our boys.
But that's the style I want to catch:

Skirts like this are simple and fast to sew, so the younger girl-characters will get variations of these circular skirts with different pattern.
Something not that poofy for the older characters. Polka dots in general would be awesome too! I've got a dress like this from my mom, also with dots, but sadly it's red with white dots, so... not suitable. A dress like this would be more difficult to sew, but fun. Or we could only sew the skirt and search a fitting blazer for it. Or a cardigan. Also very 50's. We could buy some from h&m and embroider them. We'll see...
That looks also so 50's! With white gloves... awesome. Only in black, for our play.
I'm so full of ideas! Tonight and tomorrow I've got time to draw some sketches, I'm posting them, I promise ;)

Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Work, work, work...

...and no end in sight. I made my dad to take a picture for Chictopia and LB today though. Not stunning, but what I wore today. Everyone asked me whether the fur is real, what caused a big discussion about faux fur and real fur, about foxes that had to be killed because they don't have natural enemies and so on. By the way, what do you think about fur? I only wear faux fur.

...and I guess I'm not writing about the Golden Globe dresses.
Only that I adored Natalie Portman. She looked awesome. By the way, I almost can't do a post because my Internet is always disturbed. I hate hate hate it. It drives me mad. Do you know the problem?

Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Thank you all ;) And Swedish in Berlin

Hey, already 9 Followers! Almost ten. I'll take my chance to thank you in a little post.
And thanks for all the comments on my posts, it's encouraging that someone reads the stuff I write ;)

What made me also wonder: I posted my first look yesterday on Chictopia. I have to admit: I like it better than Lookbook. The people on chic are very open-minded, though it's my first post and nobody knows me there I have already 25 chic and I'm on page 2 of the Style Gallery
That's so freaking awesome! I want to get out and make new photos now :D

And that leads me to the next point. I'm feeling really better these days. I already wanted to go to school today. But everyone (especially my parents) scared me with things like: "Then you'll be sick again on the weekend and can't be on the show tomorrow night" or "you wanted to cure it right, don't destroy it now with that" and so on. Maybe they're right. I was out for half an hour yesterday and came back pale and not feeling well. I don't wanna know how I may felt after 9 hours school. But on Monday I'm writing an exam, for that I have to be there again.

By the way, next week is Fashion Week in Berlin ^_^
There's a event called "Swedish Fashion goes Berlin", I'm really curious, because I love Swedish fashion.
These three awesome Designers will have a group show:

 Camilla Norrback:  Her label uses ecological materials. Her A/W-collection 2010 was inspired by Veruca and Charly from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. A great inspiration!
 My favorites from the lookbook:

 and much more.. (everything from her site: Camilla Norrback)

Diana Orving is also a Designer to love. Her clothes are inspired by movement and dance, that's why she is designing her clothes on the body to see exactly how the fabric falls.
Here are some of my favorite pieces from her collection:

Everything from her website 

Ida Sjöstedt likes to see all the oh-so-earnest fashion thing with more fun. Her designs look typical Scandinavian to me: Fresh, light, with a wink.
I really love EVERY piece of her last collection (to her site:, so here are my favs: