Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Sketch: What to do with stupid fabric...

But worse so, back to the point
You are no longer the flower
And the sun and most importantly the garden
Or the gardener
A muse
Your amusement
I am used
It's all ruined if you meet their friends...

- Marilyn Manson, The Gardener

...which was the song I heard while sitting at 3 a.m. at my desk thinking of what to sew with this stupid fabric I got meters of from someone in Romania. A while ago. A long while ago. I've already sewed a flared midi-skirt with matching hair-bow out of it. But I still got so much left...

Well, and here's the idea. Or at least, how it should look like when it's done. A cute maxi-dress for summer. The fabric is very light, it's more polyester than cotton, but still... The back of the dress should be longer than the front. Maybe the difference won't be this visible. Oh and I still don't know whether I should do this as a one-piece-dress or first cut the top and then a full-circular skirt-piece. I want the skirt to be wide, but not necessarily circular. Mh... we'll see. First I gotta write the first exams. The first one is up this Saturday. I'm already freakin' out about it, that's why I haven't updated anything here. But well... this weekend I'm driving home, I'll go out, I'll go shopping, and everything will be alright. I'm sure. However, here are the ugly sketches.

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Outfit-Post: Don't break, don't break... heart, and I won't break your (goddamnfucking) heart-shaped glasses...

Nooooo, I'm not posting this song. It's just the tune that's playing in my head each time I'm wearing these glasses. They were a great reward I got at Chictopia. The seller itself is shopcalico (click here ;D), a supercute store with supercute accessory. So... thanks Chictopia for these glasses! I've been searching so long for them. For anyone not on or even not knowing Chictopia, here you go (click click click...).

And now the outfit itself. With my favourite glasses and my favourite summer dress. Featuring cheap heart-shaped purse I bought in Dublin.

Have a nice week, dear readers!
(Everything is better than my week, desperately working on catching up with studies...)

P.S.: On the topic of heart-shaped glasses and Mr. Manson:
Evan Rachel Wood confessed via Twitter that "he did". She's been asked by a fan.
Another stupid trivia: He recently trumped some heart-shaped glasses at a concert with his knife-shaped microphone. Someone front row was wearing such glasses (pink - maybe that's why...), he took them, broke them and threw them back somewhere in the middle of the audience. I'll NEVER wear these glasses to a MM-concert. He still must be pissed. 

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Outfit-Post: Clouds in my coffee

No, this song isn't dedicated to anyone. I just love the "clouds in my coffee" line. And the song itself. Just as a disclaimer.

First off: I'm incredibly sorry I haven't written or uploaded anything these weeks. I had absolutely no working Internet connection. I don't count my mobile-connection as working. At least, not for blogging. It took me two weeks and three dates to get my connection installed. I hate installers. I freakin' hate these guys. Though the guy that actually appeared spontaneously after I terrorized the secretary was quite nice. Best part of it, I even understood him, which isn't usual here in Bavaria...
Anyhow, now I'm gonna blog, despite upcoming exams. I need distraction from Constitutional Law. The German and the UK one. Enough excuses, it's gettin' spring here, I already removed the coats from my closets and brought the cute little summer dresses back. Here we go, a first glimpse of spring!

The blazer always reminds me of all those classical philologists at my former school and at university... It's a strange trend among them. Plaid blazers, mostly in earthen tones, and with leather patches... But for whoever's sake they ain't wearing shorts!
By the way, I bought the matching blazer months after I bought the shorts. They're from the same set, as you can notice.. The shorts weren't in the store then anymore. But the blazer wasn't in store when I bought the shorts. Plus while the shorts have EU size 34, the blazer is 38. I don't get these sizes...
Oh and I'm beginning to like my new old hair-color. Though it's getting damn hot in the sun with black hair.

So, have a nice week, and be prepared for the next post soon! ^__-

P.S.: U like my new header?

Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Outfit-post: Black veils and paillettes

(Max Raabe - Song of Mandalay)

Hey girls (and guys),

another outfit post from me... after a long lime, 'cause my old cardreader couldn't read the CF-card these pics were on. That's what happens when you let your dad take your pics... You maybe won't be seeing outfit-posts until next week because I was falling off my bicycle today. Quite heavily. I'm wearing bandages around both hands right now and my knee looks awful. And everything just because I didn't want to be late and did overtake a car too near to the pavement... However, it will heal.

Occasion for this dress was a concert of Max Raabe, one of the few German singers known worldwide. Well, or at least, not only here. It was awesome, he was singing perfectly, making jokes (I really like his dry sense of humor), the orchestra was great (bass saxophones... where can you hear such instruments nowadays?) the concert hall in Karlsruhe looked great, but there were too things disappointing me. Firstly, the people weren't dressed right. Of course most men were wearing suit, some not, but the ladies... It's okay "just" wearing a costume or pantsuit, not everyone loves to dress up (apparently, I do), but I don't think it's adequate to wear denim, a striped shirt and a little rucksack to a classical/swing/whatever concert. In my opinion it shows a lack of respect for the artists. The other thing was that the female violinist did playback sometimes. You can't hide that on a violin. What confused me was that she could play awesomely. The solos she played live were great. She can do it. So why? Just to make the well known songs sounding perfect?

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Home, bordeaux home...

Hey there,
I'm back in Passau, studying goes on and holy sh... There's a lot to do.
But at least my flat looks a little more like I'm living 'round here.
My parents helped me last weekend with these nice little wallpapers. It's much more decorated now. I hate plain white walls, so this was the easiest way. And I love the result. I just need to frame some pictures now, then I'm done with everything I guess. Soooo... that's how my place looks right now:

in fact this is a part of a whole wallpaper, I've cut it off to make such a border beneath the door-frame
green wall... maybe this will lead me to sleep more ;D
the curtain in my sleeping room, everything's red in my whole place ô_Ö

The wallpaper I've cut in full view ;D

I've made a kind of frame for my living room part of the room, the other part is the kitchen. It lacks some pictures above the coach.
The living room has the same white/red curtain with additional dark red curtains as in my old room. Very dramatic looking... I somehow like the whole color-theme. Dark red, white and black. Sadly I've got wooden furniture in my sleeping room, but well... It can't be all white. It still looks okay in here.

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Chaussure grotesque

Bored of simple plain black pumps? Well, here's an inspiration for fresh design.
Some strange footwear I found around in the Internet. Every shoe is purchasable, they aren't design museum exhibits. Purchasable... but not for me, in most cases.

Here's my first example and the ones I maybe buy one day when I've got too much money left.
These gems are by Dsquared, the heel looks like a spine. Sadly I've seen them mostly as booties, I'd like them better as sandals. They are already quite old I guess (2010 collection?), so it's hard to find them. I found a boots-version of 'em a few weeks ago, sadly I haven't bookmarked the page. But it was something between 120€ - 160€... Still affordable. They are one of a kind. Spine heels...

If shoes could kill... These shoes with a gun heel definitely could kill my bank account. They're by Chanel and for sale, yep. But totally out of my league. I can't spend over 2000€ for freakin' shoes. But they are interesting, aren't they? Madonna was spotted wearing them. Not that this matters. Just writin' as proof these are real. Damn it. Killer-pumps.

These are for all the lipstick lovers. And I even like the whole shoe. These two forever-lasting lipsticks are by Alberto Guardini, I saw them for somewhat around 400€.

So... these are "simply" modified. That's what makes this concept even more interesting. In fact this is a simple platform-shoe, made unique with addable straps, spikes and crystals sold by (In)decorous Taste.

You can decorate every shoe with these straps. Your own creation, your unique shoe. The idea is fascinating, it even seems to work with flat shoes.
By the way, they've also got a nice blog.

Next up is my green lace dress, it's done! Finally...

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Little Haul

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff right now, so I'm declaring this as a part one.
Not really that interesting imo, but you'll see most of the stuff worn soon.

Got them since three weeks or so... They already look so used that you can imagine how often I'm wearing them. Sadly they are a little oversized, but since I've got the smallest shoe-size normally available...

Also new pair of shoes... I'm not wearing brown that often, but I love the heel and plateau. As I'm not wearing them often it's okay they're just faux leather.

This one is real leather. Suede, as you can see. It's the perfect size for walking around the whole day. Sadly it's not big enough for college, but my old black bag sadly ain't wearable anymore.

This bracelet matches some earrings I've got so perfectly. And I don't have many bracelets at all. Which is sad. I really need more bracelets. I used to hate them, because I can't stand that stuff annoying me while writing. But just for a few hours it's okay.

I was searching so long for this colour! Remember the violet lipstick I was wearing in one post? It was just in that palette I've got, so I needed a real lipstick. This is a little heavier now, but something different than red for a night out. And it's quite shocking. Next step: black. Ha ha ha... Oh and as you can see: Yves Saint Laurent. 50% discount. Yessss... ^^

This one isn't really new. It was my moms, actually. Yeah, she used to wear leather skirts. I've got a cool and stylish mom. I just had to repair the skirt first. 

This is what I'm sewing right now. Which means... I'm working for weeks on this thing! First I started it wrong. I've sewn the green satin layer of the dress first. But I didn't think of the black lace. Especially that it would look shitty with the tucks if I just sewed both layers together at the shoulder. Soooo... I had to tear everything I've sewn apart and start again. I then have been so angry that I didn't lay a freaking finger on this dress for a week. Well... Now I just have to make it maybe a little longer, it's too short  for my taste, I've gotta sew the neckline (which should be heart-shaped... which will be pretty hard. Maybe I'm just sewing it rectangular.) and put in the zipper at the back. Oh and of course I've gotta add sleeves. It's gonna have long wide lace sleeves. I hope I get it done on Friday so I can wear it at my aunts place on the weekend...

That's how my hair finally looks. Everyfuckingone has black hair now. But I don't care. First I wanted to dye it violet because I didn't go with this trend, but hey, I already had violet hair. And black is almost my natural colour. So... fuck off, blondies gone black and all gothic. 

The skirt here is also new. It's just a simple black pencil-skirt, but I'm in love with the pleated ruffles.