Montag, 24. Januar 2011

First drafts

Sorry for being such a lazy blogger these days, there was much going on. Yesterday a stupid guest performance (well, it was quite funny though we came home so late that I couldn't get up for school this morning), today a very long day, Saturday shopping (got two coats and fabric 'em tomorrow!) and musical-group, school, yeah, no time for posting.
But: I was drawing at the bus yesterday when we came home at night.
The first basic ideas, I don't want to make everything too complicated because I know we won't have time in the end to sew so much. But... I'll make some drafts with more ruffles and stuff too :D
Here are the first ones - I know I suck at drawing and colorizing, but I hope you'll get the idea.
simple pencil skirt and cardigan with peter-pan collar and embroidery, for our earnest teacher in the play
shift-dress and cape for any more sophisticated character
for one daughter of our protagonist: circular skirt and blouse
for another young character: polka dots dress!
And I know now that some of our guys will wear polos, others only chemises and the earnest and old ones suit. Simple, isn't it? But with hats of course!
More soon ;)

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  1. i love the outfit with the cape and the one with the polka dots :D
    i hope to see the first finished clothes soon!

  2. Did you make them yourself? They are awesome dear! i love your skirt as well!


  4. dankeschön für den kommentar :)
    nun, ich guck mich einfach nach blogs um, die sehr meinem geschmack entsprechen und die selber aber noch nicht so viele follower haben. die freuen sich über kommentare und verfolger und manchmal schlag ich auch vor, ob sie meinen blog anschauen wollen oder dass wir newbies uns doch unterstützen sollten, hab noch zuviel respekt vor den blogs mit mehr als 500 followern :D

  5. Hi! I've found your blog 'cause I'm having some troubles with the hype button on my blogger account and you're in some comments in LBforum, so I followed the link till here. =D I like your blog very much. And for saying so, I like your drawings too, you're not that bad at them as you think, I like them ;)
    So, have a nice afternoon!


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