Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Ballet and fashion

Interesting how many designers create ballet inspired fashion after Black Swan became such a hit.
Galliano's latest show from the Paris Fashion Week, very Nureyev-inspired:
That's what I would wear at the ballet room if I was a guy:

Chloé's spring collection 2011 shown at the Paris Fashion Week also showed some ballet-elements:

Chanel RTW Spring 2011, Black Swan?
And the white Swan:
And yes, the sports industry also cooperates now with dancers, in this case with the ones from the Staatsballett Berlin. Adidas made a collection with them.

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

The model skirt

Hey there!
I had a little time yesterday because some lessons at school got cancelled, so I made a little model skirt for my Barbie :D
I wanted to see how the colour effect is gonna appear with the fabrics I have. So only take a look at the skirt, that bolero-blazer-thing was the original apparel the Barbie had on and I couldn't find something else.
Great thing is that the color now matches my corset very well with the chiffon over it. The skirt is gonna be darker, but the same type of green.

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Hello, my name is Ginger.

It should have been blond and yes, it was clear to me that it would be a little reddish.
But well...
no comment. I'll leave commenting to you:

Also on Chictopia again, my look today:

Plus, good news: I've won the first round of some old-language contests I'm in. Now I'm in the second of three rounds, the first price is getting a studentship!

I've got the review of what I sent in for the first round, it said my work was remarkable. I was really overjoyed when I saw this. So... let's go for the second round and my final exams! Only 11 weeks at school.

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

The world is black

Look also on Chictopia.
I'm sick again, plus that I'm tired and writing exams in just one month.
I guess I'm in the worst mood ever .___.
You know something that would cheer me up?

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

St. Valentine... or was it St. Valentino?

Hey there, today's Valentine's day.
And I'm honest: I hate it. For me it has become so commercial, the day of florists somehow. Real love doesn't need the pressure of an international Valentine's day. That's what I guess. Real love means gifting flowers without a special day. Plus I'm single. And singles hate Valentine's day. It's in the nature of being single. And not to seem as a desperate single it is always helpful to argument with these points. Works pretty well for Christmas too. Commerce and pressure.
So I went from Valentine to Valentino. Only one letter, such a difference. And I'm in love with Valentino. If I had a boyfriend and if I had the money, I'd spend my Valentine's day in Valentino. Because his robes are so romantic.
As you know for sure, he said goodbye to the fashion world in 2007. 2009 he designed the costumes for the New Year's concert in Vienna. Remember the dresses? They were so wonderful...

Like out of a fairy tale somehow. But a little bit cheesy. Kitsch. But it's okay for a ballet I guess. In motion the dresses looked great.
But of course Valentino is famous for his Valentino Red:
Valentino on his las Haute Couture show
Some of his greatest dresses worn by the stars:
"The moment in which the vintage mania was born" - he comments on that dress

made for Audrey Hepburn
worn by Jackie Kennedy
Those pictures are from a retrospective of Valentino that was shown in Rome. Wish I was there.
Now I think still Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are the creative directors, aren't they? Facchinetti didn't last long.
A little view on the Ready to wear collection, my fav pieces:

Nice, but somehow it lacks something.
Views on Valentino's own last ready to wear collection from 2007:

And that was just ready to wear! Really, I like the new collection, especially the Haute Couture things spring 2011. Take a look at the collection. The designers made really inspirational things. But somehow especially the ready to wear collections lack something. The elegance, the pomp. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But at the Couture shows they are really representing Valentino's "relief" very well.

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

I put some new shoes on...

Hey there!
Sorry for not blogging for so long... my Internet was down, because our Router didn't work, so we got a new one yesterday and now it is working again. It is so great to be connected to the world :D We even didn't have a telephone, only our mobiles. I am also sick again since Thursday, it really was awful on Friday, so I took a day off to get well. I really am better now. Plus I'm taking meds to improve my immune system. It gets on my nerves that I'm sick every stupid week, especially now the final exams are coming.
To show some pictures, I've got new shoes:
Cute, aren't they? They were an emergency bought. I was on my way to my fav dancewear-store, had a long way to walk, and wuuush - the heel of my shoes were caught somewhere. But I noticed it only a while later. So I had no chance to find the heel again. So I decided not to destroy my shoe by walking - or better: hobbling - the whole way down and back. That's why I disappeared into the next shoe-store and came out with these. Not expensive, cute, and it matched my outfit well enough. Plus they have no heels that could stick into the cobble stone pavement.

Oh and I had to play soccer at school. That's what came out:
In real it looks even worse :D
Really, I suck at soccer. The ball hit me with an extraordinary speed, I though my spinal disc was somewhere where it wasn't before. And it hurts like hell. Now it hurts when I'm doing a split with the left leg in front because of that shit. I hate ball games. But I'm lucky we're doing Badminton now. The balls aren't that big and heavy at least.

Now that my Internet and phone was working for almost 24 hours I'm looking forward to have it longer now.
So... read you very soon ^_-

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Icons: Nicole Richie's metamorphosis

We all remember the times that Nicole hang out with Paris Hilton. That was the time no one ever thought she would be a married mother and style icon one day.

 Seeing this I think you know what I mean. Barbie-alarm!

 And now? Vive la bohéme!
with her awesome label Winter Kate
asymmetric dresses rock

print even with jeans
speaking of jeans, even casual she looks stylish
loving Winter Kate! 
chic and boho, I love both styles on her
 By the way, Winter Kate has some nice clothes and accessory:

By the way, excuse me for not writing much or only strange posts: My internet is weird! I almost couldn't finish that stupid post and the last -.-'

Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

shining brighter now :D

Yes, I did it. Though you barely can notice it. My hair's a little brighter now! And a little more red in the sunlight. Originally the colour was names "Caramel-blond", but with an almost-black-brown natural haircolour it came out like this:

What do you think? It isn't that reddish in normal light.
But even if everyone says that it looks nice on me, I'm gonna try real blond.
I already bought an extreme-brightener that makes my hair 7-8 levels brighter, which is a light honey-blond, according to the package.
That's how it looks like now.

That's how it should look:
Alice Evans with a blond bob

And the stuff I want to make this happen with.
But I guess it will be more like a strawberry blond on my head, like this:

Or like Lindsay had it some when:

You're gonna see it in two weeks, my hair has to rest now a little bit after the last coloration.
By the way, do you have any experience in changing your hair-color from dark to bright?

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Drawing and a colourful look

So I was angry, because my green didn't work that well, not a computer-colorisation this time, all handmade.
I couldn't draw the tulle right, but maybe you've got an idea what I mean. Green ^__^
Oh and also was colourful dressed yesterday to take away the winter-blues:

For more details: Chictopia Post with more pics

Wish you all a great week, soon it's weekend!

Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Prom dresses!

Well, finally I saw something that made my heart beat faster and that translated my ideas. All I've got to say is: 50's cocktail dresses!

They all look so gorgeous! Source expect the last one: Vintageous, last one seen on
That's exactly what I thought of: I'm gonny use my green corset and only sew a skirt for it. Dark green like the corset. Or even black if I don't find the right green. With the wrong green underneath, so it is appearing darker. I'll draw something tomorrow with my new copics! Too bad I only have coral and three different flesh colours by now. They are quite expensive so I know what I wish for Easter :D Well, green and black tulle. Shouldn't be that expensive, right? The skirt piece looks a little balletish :D To make it look more modern I wanna take the idea of the dress I had on my last post and add a piece of tulle to one shoulder. Would make the look more 21st century. Well, I'll draw my dreams in Maths tomorrow!
Read ya tomorrow in the afternoon ;D