Dienstag, 29. November 2011

They called me Rita von Squeeze.

(Music: Well, everyone should know that Main Theme. Zeldaaaaa ~ Need to play Ocarina of Time again. Somewhen. When I'm trough Dead Space.)

As promised, the shots from my outfit for my aunt's birthday party:

I think I've looked good enough to rock this cellar party full of relatives (in-laws, but that doesn't matter). About the other stuff... well, I've got a lot of work at university, while my thoughts are clouded with other more emotional things (in a good way! somehow...). Business as usual. Next up the post with my new corset! ;D I'm wearing it the second day now, it is quite comfortable, the first few hours weren't, but now I can move quite freely.

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Haul: The Black Corset

(Depeche Mode - Stripped // noooo, not the Rammstein version. Though I like both versions.)

I guess some of you are curious about my new corset. I hadn't got the chance to wear it 'til now, because the last week/weekend end everything had been crazy (in a positive way!) but at least, a little preview:

Next up is my outfit for a birthday party I've attended this weekend, but THEN the next outfit post is one with this corset on. I want to get it fully closed in at least one year. Wish me strength :D

Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Pray for me

(Samsas Traum - Betet für mich)

Today I wanted to show you my new halfbusk-corset. But it seems like this corset is kinda damned. First the postman didn't knock, seems like he's already pissed off that I'm ordering everything online. I know he didn't because I was home all Saturday morning. Well, so I had to go to the post-office to get my parcel. I did that today 'cause I had an appointment nearby anyway.
I'm walking to the office, already wondering why everything seems so dark inside. Then I'm spotting a note on the window: Due to internal bullshit we're closed on 15th November. Fuuuuuuuck oooooooff!
It's always so far to walk there. And I've gotta go tomorrow again, though I don't have much time 'cause I'm going to a concert. Fuck off everyone, really. Now I am pissed off.

But I've found something different by accident. I may already have written I'm searching for a golden candlestick holder. A classical five-armed one. Golden is the problem here. I'm only seeing silver ones. Silver wouldn't match my mirror.
Then I've found something even better:

candle holder: "ring of fire", at Butler's, 9,99€, for those who wanna know
 Freakin' awesome and useful little thing. Black matches everything and my Mansinthe bottle has a use besides looking artsy and making me want to get drunk. It also looks nice on wine bottles. Perfect combination, isn't it? And maybe I'll find the perfect golden candlestick holder too.
Another thing I've discovered in the city: An antiquarian bookseller. Directly behind the dome, huge, full of books, you enter the shop and get high on the smell of old books. Oh I'm lovin' this. I guess I'll spend hours in this shop. Today I just bought an Anthology of horror short-stories. Poe, Hemingway, Harvey, even a Dickens one, I'm already excited reading it. Sadly I've got so much to do for university right now. I'm directly off studying after finishing this post. It's incredible. I'm just in my first semester and I'm already driving mad.
At least I already know where to go to when I want to clear my head.

Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Outfit Post and Perfume Review

( The Cure - Pictures of you // live version )

Hey there, readers!
Two things in this post now - a two in one post. That's what I call efficiency, hell yes.
Sorry if I seem strange, I seem strange to everyone these days.
First off, outfit post. I bought that nice H&M skirt on sale. Only 10€, for a skirt I wanted to buy in spring. I've decided I could sew something like that easily back then, but then I discovered that it ain't easy to find pleated fabric. You can't see it so well, but it is pleated. I'm wearing pleated midi chiffon skirts in autumn, yes. But it's ridiculously warm here. And with warm tights you even can wear summer dresses in winter. Oh and the colour of the dots matches my jacket so well. Like my hair has the same colour as the leaves in the background. However, I'm writing silly stuff. I should stop. Now.

As I have told ya: I'm behaving strangely. Twirling around... stupid me.

Well then, second point: I've bought myself the perfume by Dita von Teese. I couldn't resist.
So, that's "Femme Totale":

It smells exactly like I've imagined. Classy, adult and not sweet and girly like other celebrity fragrances. The perfect perfume for autumn/winter and the nights. I'd say that even if I wasn't a Dita-fangirl. For me - and I've got a cold, so my nose ain't working too well - the strongest elements are the so often mentioned Bulgarian rose and jasmine. What surprised me most is that the perfume still has a strong heart note even after a whole day. I guess my dress still smells like the perfume tomorrow. Even my Prada infusion d'Iris isn't staying so long.

Hm, so I'm taking another deep breath of that gorgeous perfume now and dream of posing as glamorous as Dita:
source: dpa
So then,
have a nice week ^___-

Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Outfit post: Sweet on the outside

[Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll]

...but who could look on the inside?

This time I don't have so much to tell. I wanted to shock people a little by wearing Lolita style on campus. Mission accomplished, as you could say. I've heard the people whispering "freak". Law students... I don't know how the typical law student in other country appears to be, but here everyone thinks I'm strange. I take it as a compliment.
It's interesting to see how the students here want to show who they are through clothing. Well, I guess that's what we all do. But that's extreme. It's like they are uniforming themselves. Everyone not playing by their rules of fashion is an outcast. I've decided to make my own rules. I don't wanna "play" lawyer like they are doing it. Honestly, people in the first semester are already going to lecture in a suit, with gel in the hair and the girls with pearl ear studs. The living cliché. All that makes me feel that I have to be rebellious and wear something different, just to show that I'm different. I know how childish this must seem. But I can't do something against it.

I hope you all have a less angry start into the new week.

Freitag, 4. November 2011

you came to see the mOBSCENE

Hey there guys,
hope you've had a creepy Halloween on Monday night ;)
Just a short post showing how my outfit and makeup turned out. I didn't have Internet the last few days, but it was funny that I didn't even miss it 'cause I had so much to do. But yeah, that's the reason for this late post. Hope you'll like it anyway. Fuckin' campus Internet-connection.
By the way, hype if you like, it's also on Chictopia.

The makeup took one freakin' hour, but the rest was easy. I've been a pin-up mObscene girl :D
Hey Marilyn Manson, let me be your background dancer! ^_^

Well, now I'm back on studying. I already have so much to catch up to 'cause I did nothing last weekend.
Have a nice weekend ^__-