Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Style Icon: Jerry Hall

First I wanna thank you, 14 readers are quite a lot, and thanks also to the ones sometimes but often stopping buy to leave a comment. Sorry I didn't write anything for so long, same excuse as every time ;)
I didn't even had time today to take a picture until it was dark again, but my outfit was quite nice. But it was way to cold with looped tights :D Maybe I'm wearing the same tomorrow and take a picture.
I'm in a very good mood today because singing lessons were great! We're singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables at the moment, I can hear and feel how my voice became stronger and more controlled over the half year of lessons. Plus I got gifts! :D A headband and a scarf. She saw the black ribbon headband and thought of me, because I'm always wearing headbands, that was so cute! Tomorrow I'll post a picture of both.

What I wanted to post about today was Jerry Hall. Heard too much Rolling Stones in my car today, somehow I thought of her. Maybe because she's Jagger's ex. But clear is: She brought style to the late 70's and 80's. A style icon of her decade as I think. And still today she's awesome. Proof?
and now, still a beauty

typical: graphic prints
that looks 80's to me now

By the way...
"Supermodel and 1970s' glamour icon Jerry Hall says it wasn’t her lush blond hair or endless legs that inspired her to become a model.

It was LSD." - source here ;)
And she's only one year younger than my mom. But I also love her and Mick's daughter Georgia May Jagger.
It's obvious her mother's a beauty and fashionista. Oh and Elisabeth of course is awesome too. Here are the two beauties:
 Especially Georgia is so cute:

Aw, guess I love the whole family's style.


  1. dankesehr;) ja bitte das wäre toll;) ♥

  2. super post! mein liebling von der familie ist wohl trotzdem georgia, sie hat so ein tolles gesicht und einen genialen style. erinnert mich auch immer an brigitte bardot.


  3. what a great post!! She's a super beauty/ style icon indeed! I should do a post about her sometimes too :)



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