Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Fashion Week in Berlin: Lena Hoschek

First: Lena Hoschek from Austria is one of my favourite designers. A very talented young woman, that also seems to be quite a nice person. By the way, her blog's nice too: Lena Hoschek's Blog
Her style is very 40's/50's, sometimes cute, sometimes country, always a little inspired by the tattoo-scene.
So then, enough advertisement.
Here are my favourite pieces from her show at the Mercedes Benz fashion week 2011:

need... that... dress!
secretary-style ;D
something for our theatre-piece, isn't it? ^^
a golden girl :D
love especially the one walking off
want to wear that on a blooming field :D
picture flood, sorry
pattern: awesome!
do you know the series "mad men"? reminded me of it.
love the mix of styles here

so great, I'm in love
also great

even yellow pants can look gorgeous
 These photos were the cutest:

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

My personal summary: I adore her!
That gave me another motivation and inspiration to make the best out of my project. By the way, I'm working together with another girl that is also an awesome sewer and designer. That will be great, I'm sure. Those will be the best costumes our group ever had :D


  1. true, the dresses remind me a bit of the ones in "mad men". So lovely.xx

  2. very very pretty indeed!
    mir gefallen die senfgelben hosen super :D
    ja, ich kann deutsch, aber ich komm aus der schweiz, gerade an der grenze zu deutschland... ich finds super, wenn man im internet mal auf deutschsprachige trifft :)

  3. Wow love all these looks! Such a beautiful and inspiring collection xx


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