Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Work, work, work...

...and no end in sight. I made my dad to take a picture for Chictopia and LB today though. Not stunning, but what I wore today. Everyone asked me whether the fur is real, what caused a big discussion about faux fur and real fur, about foxes that had to be killed because they don't have natural enemies and so on. By the way, what do you think about fur? I only wear faux fur.

...and I guess I'm not writing about the Golden Globe dresses.
Only that I adored Natalie Portman. She looked awesome. By the way, I almost can't do a post because my Internet is always disturbed. I hate hate hate it. It drives me mad. Do you know the problem?


  1. I only wear fake also, and really sometimes you can't even tell the difference... Love your coat, you look great!


  2. love the white tights! so chic
    xx Nikita

  3. Love your coat honey. You look great.
    I also wear only faux fur, most of them are as good as real ones and come in affordable prices.
    I already feel guilty enough for my leather jackets.

  4. I can`t imagine wearing real fur. Faux fur it`s much better!xx

  5. I love your blog <3
    Following you!
    Follow me too?

  6. beautiful blog...Isubscribe,,,you subscribe to my bloh!?!?!?tks...kiss

  7. I love the coat with the fur detail!

  8. faux fur is way better!
    i really like your blog, it's refreshing.
    are you from berlin/do you understand german?


    p.s. i'm also quite new to blogger


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