Montag, 29. August 2011

On Holiday: Last part, La Seu

I didn't take many pictures in the cathedral. First because my pics got so blurry... second because there were too many people standing in my way... and third, there are enough up on the Internet.
But as I'm in kind of a hurry, here are the last photographs from holidays I'm posting.

I even liked the floor :D As long as it has got skulls.

Damn, I looked stupid. But the effect of the glass-window is awesome!

blurry... tiny cams aren't perfect.

the room I stayed in - got the living room of the suite just for myself. But we moved to another suite because my mom couldn't sleep. The elevator was exactly on the other side of her sleeping room and she heard it going up and down all night.

there also was a Roman archaeological excavation with a theatre there

stupid me is standing on an over 2000 years old stone. No respect, I know, shame on me.

So, that was it. I'm thru all my photos, yeeeeeesssssssss!

Freitag, 26. August 2011

On Holiday: Coves del Drach

Hey there, here we go for the next part! This time I'm posting the photos I took at the cave, as promised. Sorry it took me so long ;)
I was wearing the romper I bought recently. So in love with it! But what pissed me off... I had to wear flat shoes with it! No high heels in caves. Better not.
And thanks for your comments on my skirt! So maybe I won't alter it... everyone seems to like it the way it is :D

I didn't edit my forbidden photos, I tried but it made it even worse.

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

On Holiday: Some Outfits

Hey there,

I guess this is my first outfit-post since my birthday, isn't it? However, two outfits I was wearing there. I really need to do something with the gray skirt. It's looking boring somehow. Oh and don't worry, my hair is flaming red since last Wednesday. So no two-colour experiments anymore. I thought it could look funny. But in these pictures it just looks stupid to me. Anyway, now it has an intense red again. Not too flaming, still a little orange, but I like that better than the cold violet-ish red tones that you can see on old women's heads around here. Oh and another thing. I just signed my leasing contract for my room! Today it was in my letterbox. It's just for this semester and then I'll look for my very own flat. University housing is just a workaround.
Upcoming post tomorrow, the dragon's den. That's the name of a flowstone cave we visited and I took some pictures down there, though it was forbidden.

shirt: H&M; skirt: promod; shoes: Varese; flower: forever 21

location is the old city wall in Alcúdia

dress: Vintage from my mom; Alice-band: H&M; location: Palma, down the Museo Es Baluard

one of the many churches there

3...2...1... fire! you know that stupid joke?
This really reminds me of a joke. OMFG, I'm beginning to tell jokes on my blog. I don't know if you think that's funny, but here we go:

Three people are getting executed in turn. The first one is standing now at the wall, all guns pointing at him. He's hearing them count 3... 2... 1... and then he's yelling: Earthquaaaaaaaake!
Everyone's running, he's getting away.
Then it's the second person's turn. Same procedure. The commander counts: 3...2...1...
The guy learned something and screams: storm floooooood!
Again everyone believes him and he can get away.
Now the third person walks the plank. 3...2...1...
He's yelling: FIRE!!!

Yep, stupid. But I had to. Sorry for the bad joke!

Montag, 22. August 2011

On Holiday: Modernísmo

Hey there,

I'm so sorry for not posting a single sign of life the past two weeks. Everything was quite messed up. First I wanted to blog at the hotel, but the wireless connection was soooo slow (or didn't work at all), then I wanted to blog everything as soon as I was home (last week) but then I was too tired the first days and had to drive to Bavaria on Thursday. Searching a flat. Just came home Saturday evening. However, strange week. And I still don't have a flat. But maybe I'll get a room at the university housing. Last option, but better than nothing. And well... sharing the toilet with another person isn't that awful... for a year. However, on Wednesday I know exactly whether I get it or not, and if not, I'll have to stay at a over-priced one-room flat 4km away from the university. Damn it.

But first... Mallorca. Well, I guess that island won't see me again. I'm no fan of the sea, that's why I've spent most of my holidays in a little city called Alcúdia or in restaurants and cathedrals in Palma. The only thing that really caught my interest were the buildings in "modernísmo"-style. I've never been to Barcelona, so that's the first time I saw some of them in reality. About La Seu and the patios there... I've seen better in Andalusia. But all in one it has been a nice holiday. I even went shopping :D I'll post my few finds somewhen this week.

So part I of my holidays-pictures... the modernísmo-architecture in Palma. Other stuff soon this week. Everything in one post would be too much.

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Lady Of The Flowers

Hey there guys,
I've spent the last few days with dark thoughts about my future (main subject of these thoughts: All law-students are assholes says the cliché, I'm gonna be a law-student, so am I an asshole too? Or am I gonna be depressed by all this "assholeness" there? Will I drop out? Will I get a manic depression? Should I study costume design and follow my dreams? Or should I stay realistic? 'cause it's really hard to get a job as a designer. Well, and so on... dark thoughts of being unemployed aren't nice.).
But I've spent yesterday with gluing and sewing my hat.

That's how it looks now:

I'm not a hundred percent fine with it. It's too floppy. I need to stiffen the edge with a wire or something, sadly I hadn't got enough. Second: I don't like how the braid turned out. It was normal satin braid. Third: I don't like the lace. Too blue. I wanted one with the same shade of gray as the border-braid. But do you think I've found a gray one in the whole city? Well, somehow it matches the colours of the flowers though. Maybe I just redo the border with a pale blue braid. Somewhen. For holidays it's okay that way.

For how I did everything...
first I ironed the gray braid so it's got a knit in the middle and a slight curve. Then I sewed it on the border of the hat, so that the braid added one centimeter to the broadness.

Second step was the lace, just sewed it together on the back of the hat and made a ribbon, that way I covered the weird way I had to finish sewing the braid.

Third, I sewed the flowers. With transparent thread. And I pierced myself with the needle a few times.

Last step was gluing the petals. And my fingers.

The hat is a little fancy but not as weird as some royal hats :D

Btw., I'm flying off to Spain on Saturday morning. Hope I'll get Internet-connection there so I still can blog.

Have a nice week!

Montag, 1. August 2011

The latest hat fashion?

Haha, sorry, had to be this tune :D

Well, somehow even I heard about the wedding of Zara Phillips (the Queen's granddaughter) and Mike Tindall (Rugbyplayer with broken nose - 9 times broken? Correct me if I'm wrong). Weddings of the royals normally don't interest me. And the wedding kiss wasn't that impassioned too. Nothing compared to Kate Moss and her Jamie. Zara had a little cute wedding, a nice dress, etc. pp., even her new husband looked nice in his suit.
But I noticed one thing as I saw something about on TV....

the hats!

It seems to be a new trend. Strangely worn on one side of the head.

Some photos? Here you go.

The bride's hat. And I can't help staring at his nose... sorry Mike!
Kate too, here with flowers underneath instead of... whatever that other material is.
another variation
Kate's hat in a closer view
Beatrice with the water lily out of her little lake
flower outside too. wondering how the hat looks from the other side.
maybe a headband like here? 
the price for the funniest "thing" on her head goes to Camilla imo :D
another one sided hat
And here's the hat I've bought (8€ or something like that) to decorate it newly. I still want to alter so much about it.

And here the first load of flowers. Also need blue and yellow ones... and enough so I can cut off some petals...

Have a nice week!