Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Who says it's no use?

About over a month ago I posted on the facebook-site of burda style that they should bring out sewing-patterns in size 36 and 34 as well as 38, because I found it unfair, that in their mag they had most patterns from 38 on.
Well... I never thought that, but really: in the January preview I've seen that almost every pattern was in size 36 too, one nice even in 34 ^__^
Who said complaining ain't worth it?
Even the December issue had more in 36 than ever.
Speaking of January, there are some nice pattern again:
January issue, nice coat, but with another fabric
everything looks quite 40's to me, but I like that
it's cold outside, so I really need something warm, though it's not that stylish
And no I have to hurry up, because we have a guest performance with the Opera at Villingen-Schwenningen. It's not that far, but I don't wanna be late for the bus to there. I'm extra at The Magic Flute, that's why I'm only arriving at 2 o'clock at night home today, and I'm taking an German exam tomorrow mornin'. Will be tough. Because of the weather too on the road.

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