Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Snow's fading

Here's a photo of both things I made out of the tartan fabric I got, the skirt (looong time ago) and now the headband. Thou it doesn't look that great in dark hair.
Maybe I'm dyeing it blond or red. It's a little reddish right now, but not that much.
Right now I'm trying not to think of Physics tomorrow in the morning, so I was watching Sissi until right now.
And really: I can speak better Hungarian. Without that much of accent. Sure I've got an accent, but Romy's is terrible :D
Tho' I've got an exam to take, tomorrow after that I'll have holiday ^___^

By the way, I was watching Capitalism: A love-story from Michael Moore yesterday at Economics. There was an interview with someone I knew from somewhere. They said he's a part time actor and studied at Harvard and Oxford history, economics and philosophy. And sometime I realized who it was: The guy that Eleanor Waldorf from Gossip Girl wedded! Cyrus Rose. I found it quite funny, that the actor is such an intellectual guy. The actor's called Wallace Shawn. Only by the way.

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