Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Knitting and stuff

Maths is over. And our teacher wants to let us three that have missed the exam make up the test on Friday. But I can't! I have to let the hair of my dog cut and do x-mas shopping. So I hope I can get out of this...

But I found time to take a picture of my knitting stuff. I didn't come very far because I don't have much time plus I'm slow. Pretty slow.
The pompon wool
I bought it for my auntie, but now I'm unsure. It's so cute, I want one for myself!
quite a bit done. with maths behind.
I may already told I'm the princess of the cloakroom now because I went there and asked whether they could show me how to knit with that. I did it with small needles, size 3 actually. Two knittings between every  pompon, 14 rows. It sounds easy, but is unusual for me, once you have it, it goes well.
Good thing: You get a whole scarf for 7€, btw. 5€ for plain, plain was on sale. But multi-coloured looks way better. Another plus for this wool: It's really fast. I did this at two evenings, not only knitting all the time.

And there's another scarf I'm knitting right now:

It's dark blue with beige stripes. Beige should be bronze, because then it's Ravenclaw :D
In holidays I want to knit more stuff, not only scarves. I'm a beginner, that's why it is the most easy thing for me, but there I may have time for trying something else. I'm near Salzburg for skiing, so no sewing machine, only needles.
For sewing machine: I don't wanna sew much this weekend, because I still got exams to write (Spanish and ancient Greek), but I'll try gluing a head band. I already have one, but want to... how do you call it? upholster? well, the fabric remains from the skirt I sew on the head band, so it's matching.
I don't know how yet, but I'll give it a try ;)

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