Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Prepare for winter :D

Tomorrow my Mum's gonna help me out for a nice picture, so I can show how nice my headband matches the skirt. No wonder, made out of the remains ;)
Today I was too tired and exhausted for that. I had too much to do and nearly freaked out. I even wasn't at the ballet so I can do everything. But I was quicker than I thought, so I had a little time to look around online.
Seeing all the snow - it was snowing all day - I found nice coats
by Topshop, 115 Pounds
by Mary Magdalene, 55.000 Yen
There are such nice ones... But I still have to live with my lolita-able offwhite coat, my red one, my long elegant black one... umgh. I guess it's enough for using them only from November to February. But can you ever have enough clothes in your wardrobe?

I also took some photos on the outside today out of my window, because it was snowing.

It was getting warmer, so the snow slowly dropped from the trees

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