Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

New headband and a little kitsch

My Saturday was a mess. After having my hair done even before 8 o'clock in the morning - and it was full thou, even with some children that made me go crazy! - and doing all my Christmas shopping with too many other people I was so wiped out that I couldn't make it to my acting and singing lessons anymore. I never felt that exhausted all December.
But I did what I wanted to do on Sunday. Not learning Physics, nooooo, turning my ugly yellow headband into a matching one.

That's how I did it :D
First you need a piece of fabric, a headband, needle and thread.
Then you begin to sew it on one side, so that the ending is closed.
And you sew the piece together in the middle of the inner side of the headband. It's easy :D
It should look like this on the upper side.
Then I decided to add lace to it, like on my skirt :D
And that's how it looked like in the end :D

Well... like it? :D

I also need to post some pictures of my new boots. I decided for the more expensive ones.
Cute, aren't they? They're from Si by Sinela, a Spanish brand.
And I've got something new for my jewelery:

Got it for 10% less, because it's wiggling, what isn't a problem because I'm gluing felt on the boarder, so that it shouldn't wiggle anymore. My dear ballerina ^__^ Kitsch, but I like it.

Oh and only three school days before holidays! Too bad that I've got an exam on every stupid day -.-'

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