Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Already last Christmas

So these were my presents, well, some of them:
Awesome Cameo with two necklaces from my parents (they're goldsmiths :D)

Present for both me and my mom, the Rubin Collection <3 We love Audrey.

from awesome Charlotte, thanks dear! 
And I also got a very sweet muffin key ring from Mona, I'll post it when I'm back home, I got it only when everything was already packed.

I must say sorry that I'm only writing now, because we arrived at 12 o'clock on 25th but I was terribly sick. I caught a bad cold, I'm still sick now. Yesterday I stayed in bed the whole day, today I only was out for eating something in a cute Restaurant here in Flachau near Salzburg (picture tomorrow ;) )
It was so horrible, seeing my parents go skiing today, only me sitting in my bed and seeking the next tissue package. But I don't want to delay the sickness. So I'll do it the hard way and stay until I'm better.
I hope that I can go skiing at the afternoon tomorrow.

Oh and that's the untidy apartment we're in:
my parent's room
my couch and eating desk plus the too small wardrobe, around the corner small kitchen 
view from the eating desk
We're spending way too much for this, but we've got a pool and a wellness-lounge with sauna for free too :D
When I'm not that sick anymore I'll enter the pool ^_^

Here are some last pictures I made at home:
it was snowing all night when we were driving, that were the lights on the fence o.o all covered
my evil dog Asterix at night in the snow :D

More tomorrow, when I can see again through my aching eyes.

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