Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Booties and flu

Bad timing for a stomach flu, but now I've got it. I didn't feel well on Friday, but it got even worse over the weekend, so I made it to my doc yesterday and took a day off from school. Monday. I would have to take an physics exam, but I felt so sick and weak that I couldn't make it. So I'll have to take a make-up someday. Hope not tomorrow, because tomorrow I'm writing maths, and it will be as horrible as physics. Bad thing is: The physics exam seemed to have been quite simple. Let's see how it will turn out. I wasn't at school today too, because I still didn't feel very well and I've got attestation. But however I feel, I'm gonna take maths. Because I hate make-up exams. I hate them! They always seem so much more difficult I think... Maybe I'm wrong. Whatever - I'm not very often away from school, so it's okay I guess. Really. A nice side effect was that I hadn't got all the stress at once and time. Much time. And I don't think I missed much.
So, my conscience is cleared.

I spent my time not only with learning maths and the toilet, Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, but with online shopping too.
I ordered these:
Cute, aren't they? Not that cheap too. I need a pair of warm booties. Desperately. But I ordered these too:
These too. They are by Mexx and definitely very warm. But not that nice. I'll take those that fit me best :D
Tomorrow they should be there.

And I need one more gift for Christmas. For a friend of mine. And I haven't got a clue, because I already gifted her make-up and a clutch for Birthday, books last year, CDs somewhen too. Maybe jewelery? Hair accessory?
I saw some really cute thinks on modcloth.
There I saw that bag too:
Awesomeness! I need it. I want it. But it is somewhere in America. And I can't order from there, 'cause my parents only got a Master-card.
For my friend: Maybe a cute pocket-mirror or something? I'm gonna be at Karlsruhe on Friday for my dog to get a hair-cut (I'm having mine done at Saturday :D), so I may see something nice.
It always comes when you're not searching for it.

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