Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

It was snowing like crazy today at noon, I hardly couldn't get to school today.
view from my desk ;)
But sadly in the evening it was raining... and the snow is slowly going away...
Yet there was another event today, because here on St. Nicholas Day kids are getting little gifts. Well, not only kids. I even made gifts to my parents. Well, that's what I got:
The Carrie Diaries and a book about knitting

earrings, not a diamond, only Zirkonia, but well done ;)
I already read half of Carrie's Diaries because it is so awesome *__* Though I should read the Aeneid by Vergil because I'm taking an Latin exam tomorrow. Well - today. It is already tomorrow now. And I still can't get no sleep, though I'll be very tired in the morning...
Maybe I only have to read all this bullshit about the catalogue of heroes at the Aeneid... honestly: I like the Aeneid. It has got the potential for a daily-soap, a serial or something, because of all this emotion and intrigues between the gods. But same goes for Homer: Descriptions over half a page about one person are boring! Especially when there are about 20 people being described. XY son of ZW, principal or whatever of that tiny spot somewhere near Carthage... whatever. Boring.

See? I'm already getting used talking about books written in ancient world. I'm already beginning to love them. What the heck is happening to me? O__O
Do I now have to study Classical Philology next year?

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