Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

Some strange day again

So this is my short report from our guest performance at the Theater am Ring.
We were much too early there, because the weather was fine and we hadn't got too much traffic.
I had time to knit almost half of a scarf. Well, I wanted to learn maths, but I really couldn't concentrate, because the others were talking. Speaking of the others: We were four instead of six, and almost only three, because one didn't get the text message that we start earlier. So she went with the orchestra an hour later.
Oh and we had space. A really big room only for us four. We never had such a luxury before!
Oh and we discovered that our monster costumes really have scraps of material on a strange place:
That really looked funny x__x
And I talked much to the ladies from the mask and costumes, that are knitting all the time. They wanna give me lessons during the show, because we all have some spare time during it.

After all, it began to snow when we wanted to drive home at midnight, so we only were back at 2 o'clock, I was asleep at 3. And I had this exam this morning. I almost overslept it!
I'm lucky that we don't have Spanish today, so I had time at noon, now I have to go because I give Latin lessons and from there I have to drive at the theater for singing lessons and jazz dance and to buy some wool.
The wool's called Pompon, as I now saw:
picture by Wolle Rödel
So, then, I'm running late.

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