Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

The Purple Shift

Just a tiny night-post, because I'm really tired and it's almost 3 in the morning.
My grannies at least went home today. We drove them to the airport early in the morning and they are now home in Timisoara.
Yesssssss, I don't have to hide the sewing machine and my already cut minidress anymore in fear my granny could sew it.
I may have already written that a friend of my aunt and parents gifted me some fabric through my granny. A purple satin-like fabric, a little more solid than satin, I guess it's polyamide and a very tiny piece of purple chiffon/tulle with beaded embroidery. The thing you saw often in the 80s and early 90s on dresses. As there's barely a yard of that fabric I can't cover a dress made of the other purple fabric. Though it would have looked so pretty, both one upon the other. So I thought of a low-cut back shift dress with double cap sleeves to make it a little girlish. The low back should be covered with the chiffon/tulle stuff, and the rest depends on how much fabric there will be left. I'll add a little of it at the décolleté for sure, I'll try how the sleeves would work with the embroidered fabric and if there's much left I'll sew that fabric on the hemline too.
Well, that's the theory, I'm curious for the dress. But first I'm gonna finish the other dress. Just have to sew everything together next week.
Tomorrow won't be time for that, because I've got a show again and I've bought an old davenport. I've gotta repair a broken edge and a door tomorrow, it needs a proper polishing, then it'll look like a new one! Pics tomorrow as soon as it is done :D
Oh and here a sketch of the purple dress:

About my tattoo... I wanna add a stitched paragraph sign at the end of the thread too. As a seam. That would be the perfect combination. Not law&order but law&sewing ^_^


  1. Oh the dress looks amazing, I love the back detail! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  2. WOW,love it!!!

  3. Ich kann mir das Kleid sehr gut vorstellen, das wird bestimmt toll aussehen!
    Und jaa ich frag mich auf wie die es so günstig hinkriegen bei Primark.. aber vlt. ist es so wie bei ikea: Die Menge machts. Keine ahnung..
    Und ne der Song war nur n b-side ;)


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