Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Style Selection: Pleated Maxi-Skirts

first row left: biotechnology via chictopia; right: mwa_mwa via chictopia
second row left: morven via chictopia; right: soincarmel via lookbook
Too bad I haven't seen any already pleated fabric 'round here... These skirts are so easy to make! I should research for a "Plissieranstalt", I don't know the right English term for it. A manufacture where you can have your fabrics let pleated. But I don't know how expensive it is. Maybe it's cheaper simply buying such a skirt.

However, these are my picks from LB and chictopia. I saw so many nice outfits with pleated skirt in the last time, but these are my favourites from the last few days. Just started now collecting outfits I like, but I'll continue my collection. I'm enjoying sharing beautiful outfits from others on my blog, so I hope you're enjoying this little post too.


  1. you are very beautiful.. and very stylish! i love your blog.. :) i followed you here.

    really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back... would be a pleasure.. :)


  2. Thanks for your comment and for following my blog :) You have a really good sense of style!

    I also enjoy sewing, and DIY :)
    I'm following you now!

  3. good luck with finding those gorgeous skirts! am sure you'll find one soon :)


  4. Love these looks too! I saw some maxi and midi length pleated skirts at American Apparel, but I don't think they are the right price. Too much! I'm sure you can find something vintage one of these days...

  5. I've been looking for a perfect pleated maxi skirt too. Maybe I should just get my seamstress to make me one! :)

  6. If you find out how to make it please share with us:) I would like to make my own too!!:P

  7. I don't have a favorite. Love all of them!
    Great blog! You have amazing inspirations!
    Maybe you can check out my blog whenever you have time. :)


  8. Great selection!!!Love maxi skirts and these outfits are all so stylish!

  9. I adore them!!!!
    i wanted so bad one of these this year but i am still looking for the perfect one :)
    really like your blog.i am following you now.follow back if u want :)

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