Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

The striped shirt

Hey there ;)
I've got some photos to share again because my parents had free for Whit Monday (and Whit Sunday of course, but I had a show that afternoon). We had a nice lunch at the "Sea-house", a known restaurant with a little lake, where I ate a delicious gilthead (after not eating fish for sooooo long). They also have awesome cakes, but I couldn't eat anything more. Because it was a holiday, a band played. Well, band... it was folk music. German folk music. That's another point why we DIDN'T stay outside eating cake and drinking coffee... Can't stand it. But we walked around a little and took some photos:

with a cigarette. I'm a bad bad girl, I know.

the bridge is soooo cute! and everything so idyllic

that front of house is so sappy! 
On the same day my mom took some pictures for a competition by burda style. The task was wearing a striped shirt in a neat outfit.
I wore it with a red shirt and dotted tights, but some different accessory because I couldn't decide. What's your favourite?

I don't think I'm gonna win, but I had a reason to shoot some pictures again, so I've got something to upload.
Oh and by the way, I'm gonna have my new headphones! Sennheiser HD 518. Big, but great sound, worth every euro I've spent.


  1. These are adorable shots! I like the first outfit combo the best--with the jacket. Love how you've combined polka dots and stripes.

  2. I like the first combination the most too - the stripes really harmonise well with the jacket! And the polka dots on the tights add a nice extra touch :)


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