Montag, 27. Juni 2011


(Recercada - composed by Ortiz, played by Emilie Autumn)

Round one of my promised posts, here the funny historical costume I had a little shoot in.
Actually the dress was red and the hat too, but a slightly different shade of red. I'm glad you can't see this on the photo because it was printed in sepia. Oh and I've got exactly the same umbrella! Plus the gloves were cheap and too loose. Simple fish net gloves. But well, I couldn't argue with the woman. At least I've got my crinoline!
Scanned, so sorry for the poor quality :D

Oh and I've bought some aviators on Saturday:

Tried a decent photographing now, thanks to a little instruction on another blog. Not a known brand, but very good quality for only 25€. Now my dad has got Ray Ban aviators and I don't. Well. I'd better buy me fake Wayfarers and colourful sunglasses matching every hat and outfit for that price. But one day when I've got the money...


  1. WOW,love the sunnies!!!Great color and style!

  2. I love those sunglasses :) &that old photo!

  3. hi, lady! thanks for commenting me on chictopia!! I am following your lovely blog now! :)

    love, polly

  4. that is such a great picture!!!nice!


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