Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Please, please, let me get what I want

Finally, I've got what I wanted.
These awesome shoes:

Brand is Seven Seconds, bought via Zalando, on sale for 49€, 10€ less than the actual price. They are very comfortable, but I wouldn't recommend them for girls with slightly broader feet. The quality is nice for the price, the colours look great, the height is perfect for every day.

Oh and we've finished the davenport on Sunday, that's how it looks like now after hours of polishing (as if it were new ^_^):

Like granny's old davenport, but I like it. Oh and this afternoon I'm gonna ask in the drapery store about the plisée-fabric... My mom said that they've got such an ironing machine for pleating fabric that way there. Tomorrow when I've got new information I'll share it with you of course ;)


  1. oh beautifulo lace shoes!so romantic <3
    that davenport could be very useful.looks beautiful like an antique :)

  2. Such pretty shoes!
    Glad you got what you wanted, i love the feeling!!

    cute blog!!!
    I just followed it with my google, hope you do the same :D:D


    check out my blog to!!


  3. oh oh oh, your shoes are lovely and such at a good price!! I couldnt wear them because of the color, I dont know what I do but all my shoes end by being destroyed in less than 2 weeks, specially those with delicate look

  4. I love these shoes too, the lace detail is so nice :)

  5. oh love those shoes!the detailings are beautiful!!

  6. Love,love,love,love your shoes!!!So chic!


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