Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Shopping ^___^

Hey there guys!
Yesterday I went shopping with my mom - yes, shopping with mom is best because you get almost everything paid plus in my case she's fun to hang out with - and bought a nice dress and a summer skirt. I really had to get out a little bit. The weather is so grey here at the moment, I'm just sitting around at home this week, guess I'm getting a little depressed. So, what's better than spending money for cute clothes? ;D
Here are my finds:

Dress from H&M, with light petticoat underneath. The real colour is somewhat between both pics. 29,95€

white (not off-white!) summer skirt from Orsay. Had a discount - 30% - so it was only 17€!

On sale - I almost always buy tights on sale - this one with big black dots. A little too big because I normally wear 34/36, but that doesn't bother me. There wasn't any smaller one.

Also on sale, also too big, also doesn't bother me, also polka-dots. Only tinier and white on nude ground.

Jep, I HAD to buy it. Only 19€! ^_^ 
Found the game when I was searching for headphones. Sadly I didn't find the one I was looking for. The Sennheiser HD 218. Everyone is wearing skullcandy headphones or some other stylish ones, but my personal oppinion is, that they sound like 10€-headphones and actually cost 60-80€. Of course, they look nice. But sound is more important to me, that's why I'm gonna buy a Sennheiser or Sony or Philips. We'll see. Today I wanna take a look into another shop. Maybe they've got a wider choice. The problem for me is, that I've got a small head because I'm small in general. The one I liked wasn't tight enough on my head. Why don't they've got XS-headphones for girls like me?! Q__Q

Oh and I've drawn something:
I've bought a leftover of this fabric some weeks ago and now know what I wanna sew: A short tunic-like dress with wide sleeves. A little 70s, but I like it. Now I just need matching Go-go-boots ^_^
And I have to sew it. Yesterday I've cut the model. This afternoon I've got a little time for it. But first I'm gonna get my headphones! Yeah.

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