Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

The brown flower skirt

I finished another skirt, yeah! At least. I began sewing it before I was driving to Timisoara, now it's ready to wear plus I've got a petticoat that's fluffy enough for it.

Here you go:

I found the fabric in my mom's closet once, I don't know how old it is, but I loved the flowers and thought: It has to be a wide skirt! Well, now it is. But I still got much left of it. What do you think I should sew? A little shirt? With the flowers at the neckline? And if there's still something left I have to sew a head-bow! It will look very Lolita that way, but hey, it's a cute style ;) Maybe I'll join the Lolita-community again as soon as I'm moving to Bavaria. Vienna isn't far away, I saw photos of so great Meet Ups there...

Oh and if you are wondering about the shirt on my dress form: It's a school shirt we've designed a two years ago and only on the form to hold it together. Because I'm afraid to take it off. Maybe my dress form won't survive it. We dressed my form with the shirt for a promotional event at school.
The dress form is so old and was so in use that it got broken-down at the transport. Also because it is out of Styrofoam, which doesn't last long... That's why I gifted myself a sub for the Burda-mag with a very nice dress form as an award, but sadly it will take about 6 weeks until the form's gonna be restocked because it was so popular. Well, hope I'm gonna get my dress form soon! This one falls slowly to pieces...

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  1. Wow du bist echt talentiert! Der Rock sieht klasse aus und dein Absclussfoto war übrigens wunderschön!
    Ich finde auch, dass du ein Shirt mit den Blumen am Ausschnitt machen solltest :)


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