Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Style Selection: White dresses and floral wreaths

(My Chemical Romance - Summertime)

Hey there ;D

Another post tomorrow, because I've got some pictures to share. I was in a fun park with my parents as I told you in a post before. It was so fun... but I'll tell more about it tomorrow, when I've got a little time. Oh and my mini shift dress in 70s style is ready! As soon as there's the right weather for it, I'll shoot some outfit-pics.
But now I just wanna do a little post about my favourite trend at the moment - beneath maxi-skirts.
White lacy dresses and romantic floral wreaths. Here are some outfits that inspire me:

from front row left to second right: ashleyoh, kikikirsten, kmwarnock and redhaireddesigner, everything via chictopia
For tonight, goodbye :D


  1. so soft and almost ethereal!
    love love love


    check out my blog to!!..

  2. these are such lovely inspirations!! these looks all look so beautiful <3

  3. Love all these look!Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!


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