Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Hang On To Your IQ

(ang on to your IQ - placebo)

So this is another crappy picture post, I'm just using the time I've got WLAN on my laptop now. Yesterday and today it didn't work, now in the afternoon since 10 minutes it's working, so I'm writing as fast as I can as long as it's still working.
Today and tomorrow my parents have holidays too, so we're sewing a little and go to a theme park tomorrow. Didn't do this for yeeeears now, so I'm quite excited. Even more excited than for Versace at H&M. I didn't like the previews much, to be honest. I hope there will be more exciting dresses or accessory. If I want some, I'll have to save some money for it...

Because of that (and studying fees) I promised to myself I wouldn't waste so much money on clothing - because I've got enough for the moment - seeing the sale at Asos it was hard for me, but I stayed strong and didn't buy anything! So proud of myself. But I had to buy Copics. Saw them in a bookstore yesterday, they were off from 4€ to 1€, so I couldn't resist that opportunity. Plus the colours they had were awesome and I desperately need Copics in nice colours. So, here they are:

Nice pastels! Match the fabric I've bought... from the rests, just a little piece, but it'll make a nice tunic. Love love love the pattern, so I couldn't resist again. The background is a pale blue, there's now a white fabric underneath for the photos:

What kept me busy was also the search for the perfect buttons for my H&M blazer I've bought a while ago. It is black but had stupid brown buttons... Awful, really awful. So, now I've found perfect ones! D'ya like them? Seeing so many nice buttons in that store made me a little button-obsessive :D

Much better than brown I think. Looks perfect now. Another little thing I've also sewn was a cover out of some remaining of a skirt fabric. A cover for a bottle-box I keep shoulder polsters and stuff like that in, but on the outside I always hang my hair-bands.
The box out of metal is red, but I didn't like it... so, now it's black and white tartan.

covered with head-bands :D

Oh and I've also asked at the drapery 'bout pleating... there are already pleated fabric sold... but they only get some remaining for sell. So everyone who's searching a plisée fabric... just ask around. There's also a pleating machine in a factory here, but the lady in the drapery wasn't sure if private clients also can get a pleat. And she couldn't guarantee for the result. So I should look around in the ads at the sewing mags...
I did as she told me and found a factory not so far away that pleats fabric for normal costumers. Guess I give 'em a call on Monday and ask how much it costs. I'm sure there are such pleating-fabrics everywhere. If I'll get price-information I'll blog about it ;)


  1. beautiful blog!!!;;);)


  2. I like the pastel colors of the fabric!
    xoxo Michaela

    Das ist schon echt cool wenn man seine Sachen einfach selber nähen oder anpassen kann.. :-) neidisch bin ^^

    aber mom. was heißt das denn bitte: "allerliebste Leisha, why oh why?" iwie check ich das grad nicht ^^ bisschen doof vlt :-P


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