Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

The "I'm back"-Post

Hey there guys,
I'm sorry I didn't blog for so long now, but I really needed a break. First my Internet didn't work when I came back from Romania, then I was away one week with my theatre-group, then the last school-days with speeches and everything else became so frantically busy that I didn't got the time to post. Plus since 1 and a half week my grandparents are here. They are really going on my nerves now... As old ones do sometimes. I'm so exhausted. They really are a pain in my neck. I like them much, but they are always talking so loudly when I wanna write something or when I just wanna rest because I had stress at the theatre, we also had Matinée on Sunday, rehearsals before, and it was a great drama that I had cut my hair off. But now, after all this, I've got my
University-entrance Diploma!!!
That's so fucking yeah. I can't believe even now that all the work is finally done.
On saturday I also had my ball. Which was very last minute. That week I sewed my skirt, but had rehearsal on Saturday and had to go to a restaurant with my Greek-course on Friday, so I had no time to sew my petticoat and headpiece. So it was very stressful getting ready in time, because I only had 3 hours to get all that styling gel (they call it "glue" here) out of my hair, to sew, to dress, to glue my fake-nails...
at least, I was there in time. Hurray! And got my diploma.
If you wanna see it, that was my outfit:
The sun was shining in my face, that's why I've got my eyes almost shut -.-'
And these were the things I've sewn:
Fascinator... or something like that

the skirt

the petticoat, that ate some needles

 For now, that's it. Now that I'm free and my grannies are driving to my aunt on Saturday, I guess I'll have the time to post again more ;) There's definitely enough to blog about now :D 

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  1. Congratulations! Your ball outfit looks awesome, and even more so for having made it yourself :)


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