Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Heart Shaped... Dress-thing

(Music: Heart Shaped Glasses // acoustic version - Marilyn Manson)

Yep, gotta sew this one some when. Right now I'm finishing my sheer black skirt (need it for tomorrows - well, todays - party) but that's the next project.
I'd call it a 60's inspired Gothic look that Taylor Mommsen would wear. The heart would be the perfect occasion to use the last tiny remains of black chiffon I've got. I still don't know what I'd use for the rest of the dress. I'll get inspired searching for fabrics. Too sad I don't have any red boots, but black ones will do the look too ^_-

                       .   Close up :D   .


  1. Gorgeous! I'll take those boots as well! My doggies name is Mojo and if you really come to Antwerp we should totally meet up! :-O I can show you all the cheap awesome vintage shops!

  2. Also, your drawing style reminds me a bit of 'the nightmare before christmas' and 'corpse bride'! Long limbs and necks, pretty faces!

  3. I really want to see your skirt once it's finished! Love your sketch, do you know I have a pair of tights just like the ones you show on your drawing? btw, I also found out we both study law, and we both love Kafka, so quite curious! xx

  4. Das würde ich definitiv auch tragen! MAn wie geil muss das sein sich seine eigenen klamotten schneidern zu können...

    Und hey :) DANKE für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich hoffe ins geheim ja auch dass alles gut wird ^^ aber brrrrr nervig darüber nachzudenken.


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