Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Abandon your roommates

(music: From Autumn To Ashes - Abandon Your Friends)

Hello there!
Just a stupid little intermission outfit post until I've got my list ready. It's another one of these "my favourite..."-lists, but this time it's huge and I don't wanna split it. Prepare yourself for a long long post...
Until that, keep happy with crappy outfit posts. Like this one. It's getting dark so early right now that I can't take pictures outside, and as the light is bad as fuck... Well, no excuses. This was a party outfit from Monday featuring my new hat and the long cardi from last post. I thought I keep it black and white as there's no colour in my outfit. All black. All simple. All laced. And close ups on the hat. It looks so 20s in my opinion... A little flapper-esque with my cropped hair. Though flappers didn't wear corsets. So I guess I'm more the vamp-type. Hm. I'm thinking in strange categories. Oh and I've got good news! Seems like I'm moving in February. Today I was taking a look at a 1,5-room flat in the same street as my university, the same house a friend lives in. He's also the one I can thank for having the opportunity to rent that flat, 'cause the hirer didn't place an ad anywhere. The flat has it's own kitchen and bath. Perfect. Because I can't live anymore sharing the bath with a guy that obviously doesn't know how to fucking get his hair out of the shower. Disgusting. Another reason I wanna move is that you've got no privacy in university housing. But it wasn't meant to be my "home" for the whole 5 years of studying. Tomorrow I'm gonna sign the lease. And I'll be re-leased. Sorry for the bad wordplay and my language in general, but I'm kind of pissed off and happy the same time.

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  1. RAWR! Hahaha I don't know how many times I must've said this but DAYUM if I were gay I'd give you my heart (that's a fun song by the way, from stephen lynch, he's a pretty funny guy! And he's pretty cute too :-D, check it out!). I'd definitely go for a goth like girl if that'd float my boat, there's something incredibly interesting and beautiful about the black outfits you wear. I often think 'meh' when I see all black outfits but you never cease to amaze me! You always look incredibly feminine and stylish but also unique and quirky. Also, we'd be an awesome fashion team, me with my bright florals and vibrant colors and you with your lolita skirts and black corsets. :-D That'd make some awesome pictures, believe you me! Gorgeous tights too.

    And of course I'm glad you got a nicer place to live. I'm quite the stay-at-home-er (not a stay at Homer, D'OH! bad joke?:-D) so having a cosy home is very important to me too. And especially since life is full of all kinds of stressy situations, you need at least one place to be able to completely unwind. Having your own bathroom must be wonderful and kitchen too. Hope you have a lovely time there! :-)


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