Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

Dead Sunday

(music: The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection) // so stupidly 80s... ^^

Another outfit post, but it's so funny that I got into the Chictopia Style Gallery with this outfit and the one of my last post. Freaky. Twice in a row. Excuse the poor quality of the photos, the lightning in the house is horrible at night and it was very late when I took them. The outfit looks like a long dress with a corset, but in fact it's a short dress (thanks Lotte [^_-]* how great I'm shorter than you are xD) with a long DIY sheer skirt I made that day. And then the corset. Layering. I haven't layered my outfit that heavily for years. Even if it doesn't look that layered. Well, you may remember a draft I've posted a few months ago? That's the outfit. More or less. I decided against attaching different sleeves to the original dress. It would have been a little to much. I've wanted to keep this clean and simple. The occasion was going to a club by the way. Some gothic club. But honestly... goths in a tiny town in Bavaria... Maybe it seems to me that way 'cause I'm still new here. Enough writing, here are the photos:

Tomorrow a haul is up. Promise. 'cause I'll get the most pretty hat ever. Saw it in this vintage shop I already wrote about. I reserved it until Friday so I can bargain with the shop owner about the hat, she wasn't there when I tried the hat. And I also have other pieces to show. Ya ya. I also have to get the hoodie I'll get from this bar-hopping thing. You've got a booklet and you gotta get stamps from the participating bars/restaurants, when you've got them all you get the official bar-hopping hoodie from 2011. I hope they still have a few... But I was too lazy to get there tonight and forgot about it the whole week. Wish me luck. Also I'm planning to bake a little tomorrow evening. Muffin time! I'm not doing Christmas cookies. Not yet. Just at home with mom :D I'm gonna skip the last week of lectures to get home earlier. Well, three days of lecturing. But I still have a remorse because of it. Tho' I don't think I'll miss much. Hm, however, gotta do some homework now. I've also wanted to sew again this weekend. Maybe a fur jacket. I'm trying to get rid of all my leftovers right now. The skirt in the picture was also made of leftovers I got from the prom skirt I was sewing. I had so much chiffon, really crazy. But that's why it's just a half circular skirt. What doesn't look bad I guess. It makes a smaller silhouette than a long full circular skirt. However, have a great weekend, my fellow readers ;) And bake some cookies. I'll still get cake from my Polish roommate for correcting her work. Hrr hrr, it's time for cake (without sodomy. Why the hell am I always thinking of Marilyn Manson songs? Naw.) I should end this post, I'm getting weird thoughts.

Oh, yes, just one last advertisement-sentence: I've got Tumblr now! (So odd that so many people I know have Tumblr, I didn't know that before I made my account there.) So, take a look if you like. It's full of randomness. As Tumblr-Blogs are in general.


  1. First off: Have fun being homy and cooky with your mom! Quite the coincidence: I'm baking too! Me and my boy just made my birthday cake (it's my birthday tomorrow!! YAY! Imma be 18 years old tomorra!) and while I'm not really a cooking mama, I love to make stuff like cakes and brownies that I can munch on after I baked them. I always make devils food cake for my birthday, a thick-ass chocolate cake. I love it, I can't wait to have it tomorrow with a big cup of forest fruits tea! I'll check out your tumblr and I'll definitely check out your next post! Shopping spree posts are the best!

    Gorgeous corset and skirt, I'd love to have a sheer skirt too. To wear as a fancy thing but also to get a modern goth/punk look when wearing it over leggings and boots or something. It's really versatile!

  2. Ohhhh such an amazing blog, I'm in love with the photos!! And you look amazing!!
    You got yourself a new follower :))


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  4. you are so chic dear!! love this perfect dress!! you have an amazing style!! following your blog!!


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