Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

Haul: Something I have

(music: NIN - Something I can never have //still// )

Not many words, but many pictures:

The sheer skirt I was sewing in one hour... or so.

Now the four long cardigans, each one 10€ because the shop closed :D - the black one

the nude one

detail of it.

same colour as some tights I've got - but in reality not as flashy as in this pic

the gray one

ruffles ^_^

the most beautiful hat... 50€ in a second hand shop

15€, also from that 2nd hand shop, it's still a little plain, so I'll add something to it

detail of the leather bow


  1. Lovely hats, especially the first black one will look adorable on you! The cardigans are amazing too, if there's any clothing you can't have enough of it's definitely the cardigan. Very versatile colors and shapes, I think they look awesome on you! :-) That sheer skirt looks amazing, I always forget what a great seamstress you are!

  2. Great finds! I can't wait to see that skirt in action!


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