Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Haul: The Black Corset

(Depeche Mode - Stripped // noooo, not the Rammstein version. Though I like both versions.)

I guess some of you are curious about my new corset. I hadn't got the chance to wear it 'til now, because the last week/weekend end everything had been crazy (in a positive way!) but at least, a little preview:

Next up is my outfit for a birthday party I've attended this weekend, but THEN the next outfit post is one with this corset on. I want to get it fully closed in at least one year. Wish me strength :D


  1. Corsets scare me. Not so much to look at but to imagine wearing. Are they miserably uncomfortable or not that bad?

  2. Ooh the craziness sounds interesting! :-D And that corset is absolutely gorgeous. Sure it's uncomfortable first but I can imagine it's not much unlike a well fitted dress: first you have to get used to the fitted'ness' but after a while you get used to it and you don't even notice it anymore. If you don't tie it too tight, that is. :-D


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