Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Night & Day, Day & Night

(music and video: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - Night and Day)

I'm back home ~ and I've got so much to do and so many people to meet that I didn't even have the time to turn on my laptop before yesterday. And today I'm already occupied with packing my stuff, 'cause we're driving to Kaprun, Austria, tonight. Skiing. I'm already sure I won't go on skiing holidays with my parents anymore. Though I wouldn't have the money for something like this. It's just too much stress and too much time I'd rather spend with some other people too. Especially New Year's Eve. This time is the last with my family. Not only with my parents but also with my aunt, uncle and younger cousin. Bad part of everything: I don't even have a new dress! Horrible. I didn't even had the time to sew something totally new. And I didn't wanna celebrate New Year in black again. At least, I need red underwear. Do you know this - I guess it's a Spanish one - tradition? Red underwear on NYE brings luck. Hope so. Last year it was a success, because this year has been amazing. Especially the past few months. And everything in general. I've been through so much, but still... A few years ago I was afraid I wouldn't survive my final exams in school because of my stupid fear of exams in general. Well - I survived. In fact, it didn't matter much to me.
Change of topic. I've got a new hair colour ^_^ Too bad that the light today was truly awful, I look like there's a blue filter, but no, that's natural light, I just brightened it. It's a natural dark-brown/black thing (my natural c.) and a kind of burgundy colour. But I'm sure it will brighten up after a few weeks. It's always that way with me dying my hair. Even at the saloon, like this time.
And also a little outfit post. There was a girl staring at me the worst way when I walked down the town. Like I was her worst fashion-enemy or something like that. Though she had more a kind of... barbie-doll style. But done well. However.

Merry Christmas, I'm off packing my stuff.

P.S.: I want a dress like Ginger's. In a pale blueish green.

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  1. YES that looks gorgeous on you! Great color, it looks amazing with your natural haircolor too! Lovely make up and outfit as well, you look like a perfect goth doll with those little boots! :-D Merry christmas to you too! Hope you have lovely holidays and I can't believe I don't have any red underwear either :-( such a lacking in sexy underwear! Now I know what to look for in the next sales. And yes, Ginger's dress is amazing. I love the flowiness and the way it moves while they dance <3 and I love Fred Astaire. Now that's a man with truly smooth moves! Justin Bieber ain't got nothin' on him. Oh and the color of your lipstick is gorgeous!


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