Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Outfit-Post: Laced

(music: Emilie Autumn - A cure)

Hey there,

as announced, here's an outfit with the new corset. I haven't worn it all the time 'cause I was sick. Heavy coughing plus a corset ain't the best combination. But now I'm better and I'm wearing it again! Hurray for that. By the way, why are so many people against corsets? Today wearing it some in my housing asked me why I'm doing this. Why I'm "hurting" myself with a corset. Honestly, it doesn't hurt. I was able to climb that stupid window to get on the roof, so I still got enough space to move. No offence, it's a matter of taste. But I don't understand why people still think wearing corsets is risky for ones health. It's like people still thinking absinthe makes you blind. It's funny that just my German neighbors think it's strange. Apart from a guy I met yesterday that knows what "corset training" means. But also my other international neighbors seem to find it o.k. or even beautiful. Maybe it's a German thing that corsets are a kind of taboo. Well, I'm happy to make 'em stare :D

This time I've chosen a modern interpretation of wearing a corset. Next time it will be a classical one. Just to show how versatile corsets are.

Have a nice weekend! Mine is packed with studying... -.-'


  1. Gorgeous! I didn't know that people had that kind of 'oh hell no' stance on corsets. Sure, you can not like the sight of them but seriously, even if it would hurt, isn't that completely your own business? Great tights too! And much luck with the studying!

  2. I loved your blog is very creative.


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