Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Back then.

(music: Pure Reason Revolution - Open Insurrection)

It's always funny - and sometimes you want to run out of your room and bury in shame - to take a look at some old pictures while cleaning up your hard drive. I've just found some old stupid pictures with dark hair. For all the newer readers of my blog: Yes, that's my natural hair colour.
Take a look and laugh, these are a few years old:

The first photo-session (lol for that term) is sooooo stupid. I was reading too much Anne Rice back then. For sure. Yep, I guess that was my Anne Rice phase. Damn it. But somehow I like it. Still. And the mini-fringe doesn't even look that bad. Hm. But most people say I look better with ginger hair. And I like the way I look right now. I guess I'll keep the sidecut. On the other hand I need something new again. Maybe a bolder red? Dark red? Colourful highlights? I don't know. I'm open for any ideas :D But somehow I want black/dark brown hair again. No need to dye my hair again. I seem to get lazy. Oh and by the way, I'm already excited, tomorrow I'm driving back home. I'm missing my parents somehow. Honestly. And on first place my bf. Yes, you could interpret the two letters in both ways. All in one. I wanna be home. Right now. Beam me up!

P.S.: I don't know where this hat in the pictures from above is. Must be my mom's (I'm often "lending" my mom's hats. She doesn't wear them anyway because she thinks they don't look good on her.), and I've GOTTA find it. Sorry for capslock. Anyway: Back to the Snow White look or staying a Ginger Head? Or do you have any new idea? Bright pink is out of question, but I want to try anything except that, even pale blue (though it wouldn't be the nicest thing for my destructed and bleached hair).


  1. While the black/dark brown hair is awesome too I kind of think that the ginger looks more soft and unique. And it's a little less all black with your style too. What you could do is partly natural, partly colored hair like me? That way you kind of break your hair but you're also kind of nice I guess? :-D So strange to see you with those super thin eyebrows! Your haircut with the super short bangs is a lot like mine right now! In the end of the day you look awesome anyways, with or withour dark hair and you should do whatever it is you want. OH something else you could do is let your color grow out and than just dye the bits that are still light? Like ombre hair but cooler? :-D Or dark red like you said! Softer than colder browns but still dark and less touching up to do! So I'd probably go for that. You know I'm a bright hair lover so I'd rather go for reds or pinks or purples than brown but again: you do what you want damn it! :-D Have fun with your Lovahrboy and your parents! And another argument for red hair: it makes your eyes pop real nice!

  2. haha, don't worry dear, I'm sure I will be terrified when, in four or five years, I take a look of the pictures I take today. it always happens to oneself, but I can assure you that you don't look stupid at all to me, it's only you, who really know your evolution, who can feel weird when facing the changes.
    pd: yeap, we all have an anne rice phase (in my case it was a ken follet phase)
    pd2: I finished law last year, but I keep studying international law, history, languages and a hundred more things to pass an exam in order to become an embassor of my country. wish me luck!


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